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How to Deal with the Bad Smells in Water After Huston Boil Advisory Lifted?

Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated February 26, 2021
Reports of bad smells in water across the Huston area to the local water agency increased after the boil advisory was lifted on Feb, 20th.
Huston citizens turned to social media complaining about the bad smell in the water, which some people suggest the water smells like chlorine and some people describe the water has a funny taste like dirt or metal, etc.
Houston Public Works conducted more than 100 tests on drinking water samples since the boil notice was lifted on Sunday, the spokesperson claimed that although the smell of the water had noticeably changed, the drinking water actually meets or exceeds all federal and state standards and is safe to drink or use.

Why does the water have a funny smell?

According to the city official, the blending of chlorine and chloramine is the main reason that the water odor is strange, which does not compromise the safety of the water.
The city takes water from several water sources, and each source may use different chemicals to treat water.
The west of downtown, where most complaints come from, aligns with the zone where groundwater from the west and surface water from the east blend in the system.
The groundwater from the west is disinfected with only chlorine, whereas surface water from the east is disinfected with chloramine, the blend of the two chemicals in the system would make the water smells odd.
Houston Public Works will continue to monitor and adjust disinfectant concentrations back to normal operating levels within two to three days, which should able to get rid of the bad odors.

Can home water treatment deal with the stink in the water?

The answer is yes.
Carbon filters could get rid of chlorine, chloramine by trapping them inside the pore structure of a carbon substrate. Normally, activated carbon is more effective than non treated carbon as it has a much larger pore surface area.
Although the stinks in public water should be dealt with by the local water utilities, it takes time. Besides, to prevent similar situations in the future, it would be good to prepare a carbon filter at home as most of those filters are very affordable.
Carbon filter has a wide spectrum including refrigerator filter, water filter pitcher, inline under-sink filter, etc. Some UF water filters and RO systems also use carbon filters as pre-filters but those systems cost more.
Waterdrop inline under-sink filter uses superior activated carbon to build the carbon block. It offers a better filtration performance than other generic products on the market, which it could significantly remove chlorine, chloramine, bad taste and odor, sediment, rust, lead, cysts, benzene, carbofuran, endrin as well as other most commonly found impurities in tap water.


Water is life, treat it right.
The water news like this reminds us of the importance of safe drinking water to our life, which most of us usually take for granted.
For citizens, it’s necessary to pay attention to your home water conditions and to know the best way to deal with all kinds of water emergencies.
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