Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System - Waterdrop K19

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Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System - Waterdrop K19

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Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System - Waterdrop K19

Not required
Pure to Drain Rate
3 : 1
Front Panel Display
Filter lifespan & TDS
Fliter Cartridges
Filter Lifespan
12 Months
13.8" *7.9”*16.3"
Feed Water Temperature
41-100 °F/5-38 °C
Daily Production Rate
75 GPD
Feed Water Requirement
Municipal Tap Water
Dispenser Voltage
Rated Frequency
50/60 Hz
Feed Water TDS Level
TDS < 500 
1 Year
Technical Support
Technical Support

How often do I need to change the filter?

12 months or 1,000 gallons, based on water condition.

How to install the countertop RO water filter system

The K19-S countertop reverse osmosis water filter system is installation free and requires no drilling nor messy holes.

How to fill the RO water filter system with water?

This water filter system has a large capacity and can be easily filled with water by simple lifting, which is very convenient to operate.

Where should I put this water filter system?

This water filter system adopts a plug and play design. It can be used in any place as you wish, like a living room, a kitchen, an RV, a bedroom, etc.

Do I need to replace the UV lamp regularly?

Most reverse osmosis systems are designed to reduce most contaminants in water through micropores of RO membranes. However, bacteria which are not intercepted by the RO membranes will still breed in inside pipelines. Our UV sterilizer can perfectly solve the problem, because up to 99.9% of bacteria can be reduced through UV sterilization. Therefore, the best water filter system should integrate UV sterilization with the RO system to provide the most purified drinking water. This is why we design the K19-S countertop reverse osmosis water filter system.

Is this reverse osmosis water filter system unit suitable for well water?

We do not recommend using well water as source for our RO systems. The reasons are as follows:
1. Large particles.
Compared to municipal tap water, the well water is rich in large particles, which will clog the filters easily, and shorten their life significantly. Please note that the filters will still need to be replaced more frequently, even if you have added a pre-filtration system.
2. Composition
The well water has a very complicated composition, and some of them (apart from the large particles) can cause the filter or internal valve to be clogged and prevent the RO system from normal performance.
99.9% UV Sterilization
Incomparable water purification experience
4-stage Efficient Filtration
To guard health of household drinking water
3:1 Pure to Drain
Dispensing 3 cups of pure water produces only 1 cup of wastewater.
4-mode Customizable Water Capacity
Take water as you wish, no worry about spills
Highly Sensitive Touch
Convenient to operate
Intelligent Display Screen
Healthy water quality at a glance
Twist and Pull Design
Easy for filter replacement
170 OZ High-capacity Tank
Higher capacity meets household drinking demands
12-month Long Service Life
Just pay 0.2 dollars every day, and you can continuously enjoy a convenient water purification experience.
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