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Where Can I Find My Refrigerator Model Number Or Water Filter Part Number?

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated November 05, 2020
Your refrigerator model number or water filter part number is an important information that comes in handy for several reasons. For instance, you need the right model number to get the right replacement parts for your refrigerator. Likewise, the correct water filter part number helps you to narrow down the list of compatible water filter replacements for your refrigerator.
Manufacturers make several various versions of the same type of parts for models with slight variations. So, it may be impossible to get the correct part for your appliance without the right and complete model number. In extreme cases, you may have to resort to trial and error – an option that is not only time-consuming but expensive.

Locating the model number in your refrigerator

Every appliance out there leaves the factory with a model number, and refrigerators are no exception. However, as important as it is, the refrigerator's model number is not always found in the obvious places. It requires some additional effort to locate.
Ordinarily, you should find your model number on the appliance, on a metal tag, or a sticker affixed to the appliance. But this is not always the case. It is even more worrisome that the model number you find in user manuals of your refrigerator or water filter is not always complete or correct. Therefore, you have to look for the model number in unusual places and write it out. 
To make things easier, we have identified some parts of your refrigerator where you can find the model number or the water filter part number.
1. The interior ceiling of the refrigerator.
2. The inside wall of the freezer.
3. The inside of the door or the door frame.
4. The interior wall, right behind the lower drawer.
5. The inside walls of the unit – both the left and right walls – usually behind the drawers.
6. The floor bottom of the interior.
7. The back of the kick plate.
8. The back of the refrigerator.
Infographic picture showing the parts of refrigerator where you can find the model number or the water filter part number
You may need to squat or take unusual positions to access the parts above of your refrigerator properly. However, the chances of finding your model number inscribed on these parts are very high. 

Refrigerator Model Number Samples

The model number of a refrigerator usually follows the same pattern – two to three alphabets, followed by numbers, and then a few alphabets again.
For instance - ABC4321CBA
However, it changes from a mix of alphabets and numbers to only numbers in some rare cases.
For instance - 105.4393849

Refrigerator Filter Part Number

You can easily retrieve your refrigerator filter part number on the label attached to your filter. The filter part number is required to identify the right replacement filter for your refrigerator when shopping for one.
1. Detach the water filter from your refrigerator carefully. You do not have to worry about wasting water because the water will shut off with the filter removed.
2. Check the body of the filter for the part number. It is usually printed on it.
Like the model number, your refrigerator's water filter part number is either a combination of alphabets and numbers or numbers only. Also, a refrigerator filter can adopt a new part number or have multiple part numbers. You can keep track of such changes by checking your manufacturer's website regularly.

Find the right filter for your refrigerator

Once you have retrieved the right and complete refrigerator model number or water filter part number, punch it on our website to find a compatible filter. It is as simple as that!