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This Is the Right Amount of Water You Should Take Daily

Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated August 13, 2020
Water Consumption vs. Energy Levels; Water Consumption vs. Weight Loss; Water Consumption vs. Health Issues; The Perfect Volume of Water; Waterdrop is here to help you drink purified water.
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Do you know that your body is made up of 60% water? Now you do. Water leaves the body in the form of sweat and urine. So, when you drink water, you are replacing the lost water, and by so, staying hydrated.
It is common to see people's curiosity with regards to how much water is ideal for consumption in a day. Interestingly, there is no universal answer to how much water a person should take in a day. According to health authorities, the ideal volume is half a gallon or 2 liters. For easy reference, they describe it as the 8x8 rule, i.e., eight 8-ounce glasses of water.
We have also seen experts that believe that the best is to take some water intermittently throughout the day instead of waiting till you feel thirst.
The amount of water a person takes ultimately depends on their body system. There are a couple of internal and external factors that affect water consumption and usage.
In this article, we will be examining studies on water consumption, to learn more about individual water needs and the corresponding rate of consumption.

Water consumption vs. brain function and energy levels

Is there a link between the amount of water consumed and how the brain function? There are claims and studies about dehydration affecting brain functionality adversely.
One of such research papers focusing on women reported a 1.36% fluid loss due to exercise caused mood swings, loss of concentration, and periodic headaches. Another showed that exercise-induced mild dehydration – about 3% loss of body weight - led to impairment in brain functionality.
As insignificant as it may sound, losing 1% of body weight is enormous, either via sweating or other means. Common adverse effects of mild dehydration – due to heat or exercise - include reduced physical and mental performance and a significant drop in endurance.

Water consumption vs. weight loss

Is it true that consuming more water causes weight loss by boosting metabolism rate and cutting down on appetite? Let's find out together.
Scientifically, two studies have suggested that metabolism may increase temporarily by 24-30% if a person consumes ½ liter or 17 ounces of water. Furthermore, raising the volume to 2 liters or 68 ounces may condition the body to expend up to 96 calories energy daily. Drinking cold water is considered more beneficial, considering that the body invests calories in heating the cold water to its body temperature.
Drinking water before meals may also be beneficial to older people– it reduces the number of calories consumed. According to a study, drinking 17 ounces or ½ liter of water before eating every meal over three months helped to achieve a loss of 44% more weight.
So, it is safe to conclude that drinking sufficient amount of water before meals may contribute positively to weight loss. But this is subjected to the consumption of a healthy diet.  That is not all. When a person drinks water regularly, the metabolism rate may increase slightly. If taken 30 minutes before meals, it may reduce the number of calories consumed. All of these ultimately facilitate weight loss.

Water consumption vs. health issues

Fortunately, drinking sufficient water can help with a couple of health problems. For instance, drinking more water can help with Constipation and reduce the risk of developing Kidney Stones.
Daisy, the editor from Trendy Mom Reviews, shares her experience in her blog that she starts to realize the importance of drinking water after being diagnosed with colon cancer. As advised, she increases her water consumption and more importantly, tries to improve the quality of her drinking water. Having a good water filter installed is a sustainable way to access clean, safe and tasty water.
There are a few scientific studies that confirm that people that drink more water will have a reduced risk of Cancer, notably colorectal and bladder cancers.  Also, claims that acne and skin hydration conditions can be improved by more water intake have been backed up with several anecdotal reports.
However, more studies may be required to make more widely-accepted and incontestable inferences on the positive health effects of increased water consumption.

The perfect volume of water

From every indication, there appears to be no universal rule on how much water we need. It all boils down to individual body composition and activities. You should try out different amounts and levels of water intake and see which offers the best results.
For some, increased water intake may come with improved functionality. Others may see no effect than more frequent urinating. Whichever side of the divide you fall into, drink water when you are thirsty and stop when the feeling of thirst is gone.
Also, ensure to drink a sufficient amount of water while exercising or when your body is hot. This will make up for the lost fluids majorly through sweat.
We all need water to survive, so be sure to drink enough.

Solution to get enough pure water

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