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How Healthy Is Vitamin Water?

Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated December 28, 2022
Everyone knows that water is the healthiest drink for hydration and good health. In recent years, vitamin-infused drinks have risen in the healthy drinks market. Vitamin-infused water is water enhanced with vitamins. This type of water has several flavors with its nutrient concoctions. It is also advertised as flavored water infused with multivitamins.
Currently, many people believe drinking vitamin water will give them extra benefits. In addition, some people believe that vitamin-infused water is a replacement for vitamin supplements and some food groups. But are these claims valid? Is vitamin water really healthy? Read on to find the answer.

What Is Vitamin Water?

Although most advertisements present vitamin water as a refreshing drink that contains vitamins and antioxidants, it is merely a strategy.
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Vitamin water is a drink containing water and added soluble vitamins. Unfortunately, many manufacturers use sugar-sweetened vitamin water flavors and other natural and artificial sweeteners. Vitamin water was first introduced in the USA over a decade ago. The sales of this drink have continued to boom because many consumers know how vitamins are essential in their diet. In addition, they feel the benefits of the drink outweigh the added calories.

Vitamin Water Has A Great Taste

Vitamin water has a great taste and several flavors that satisfy almost everyone. So vitamin water may be great for you if you are more likely to go for a sweet drink instead of plain water.
Furthermore, you can use the great taste of vitamin water to your advantage if you really enjoy it. For instance, you can enjoy your favorite flavor after a workout, giving you a potential motivator and reward for your commitment to your workout. Consequently, vitamin water helps to reinforce the habit positively.
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When Is Vitamin Water A Good Choice?

The first and foremost ingredient in vitamin water is reverse osmosis (RO) water. The RO process is a type of filtration that not only removes contaminants but also removes trace minerals that are crucial to cellular growth. Furthermore, the process removes water impurities, including salt, pesticides, prescription drugs, lead, and bacteria. It also removes arsenic, fluoride, insecticides, and cyanide.
The World Health Organization has previously raised concerns about the RO process of removing more than water impurities. It also removes essential nutrients like manganese, magnesium, calcium, and iron. Although consuming this type of water may not be a problem since our diet or supplements already contain most of these vitamins and minerals. It is only a problem if you consume a lot of demineralized water.
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Unfortunately, due to inadequate farming practices, fruits and vegetables' mineral and vitamin content have declined over the years. So, since fruits and vegetables are not providing the adequate nutrients needed, stripping the water of minerals can compound the issue. Another thing to consider is that you could strip your whole foods of their mineral and vitamin content if you cook them with reverse osmosis water.
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Is Vitamin Water As Good as It Sounds?

A common argument about vitamin water is that it is sugar water. A bottle of this drink may contain as much as 30 grams of sugar, making it similar to any soft drink. Although vitamin water is a good electrolytes source, it still doesn't qualify as an energy booster. This drink contains low potassium and sodium levels that cannot even provide an energy boost.
In addition, these drinks are useless in terms of their vitamin content. The vitamins this drink provides are already present in an average person’s diet. Many people may not need additional vitamins since they get their vitamin intake from food. Unfortunately, excessive vitamins pass out as urine since they have no health benefits. In microdoses, vitamin water may not be an issue. However, if you drink excessively, it may harm your health.
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Water Is Still The Best

Drinking water is one of the best ways to improve your overall health. Consuming healthy levels of water daily benefits the body in several ways, including an improved digestive system, better-looking skin, and improved oxygen delivery. Other health benefits of drinking water are better exercise endurance, accessibility to nutrients, and enhanced brain, spinal cord, and soft tissue cushioning.


Passing up on vitamin water and going for alkaline water is better for your health goals. When trying to eat and stay healthy, it is best to be aware of the nutritional properties of what you are consuming. Before using a specific product or following a particular diet, ensure you know what they entail and that you're not just following the trend. It is ideal always to research and talk to the right professionals before choosing any product.