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Why Is Water Filtration Eco-Friendly?

Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated August 28, 2022
Humans are always striving to be happier and healthier. Drinking more water is one way to achieve this. Another is keeping our immediate environment safe and clean. Water filtration comes into the picture because it provides clean and safe drinking water without harming our environment in any way.

Why Is Water Filtration Eco-Friendly?

Buying bottled water harms the environment more than we think. On the other hand, water filtration is environmentally friendly, irrespective of the water filter you are using. One of the most popular and effective home water filtration solutions in the current market is reverse osmosis systems. These systems can effectively reduce harmful contaminants in tap water. Unlike regular water pitcher filters, RO filters contain minimal plastic. And the filtration performance of RO filters is great as well.

Filtered Water Is Good for Your Home Appliances

In addition to reducing the use of single-use plastics, water filters are beneficial in the long run by keeping your home appliances safe. Water filters can eliminate sediments in your water, ensuring your home appliances do not clog or slow down.
Water filters extend the lifespans of your new appliances. We use natural gas and fossil fuel oils in manufacturing plastic. Our reduced reliance on plastic will also mean we use less fossil fuel. This way, we can minimize our carbon footprint and the harmful byproducts associated with the process of plastic manufacturing.

Additional Benefits of Filtered Water

Chlorine is one of the significant components of tap water – it is evident in its smell and taste. Distilled water tastes bland because most of the minerals have been removed. Filtered water tastes and smells better because it contains no harmful impurities. Therefore, the best way to enjoy refreshed and great-tasting drinking water is drinking filtered water.
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There are also immense health benefits of drinking filtered water. Water from water filtration systems keeps your skin hydrated. It also improves nutrient absorption, detoxification, digestion, and weight loss. It also minimizes cancer risk while keeping your immune system and mental health functioning optimally.

Choosing the Right Eco-Friendly Water Filter

We have established the benefits of eco-friendly filters; now, let’s look at how you can get a water filter system that works best for you. Waterdrop is one of the industry’s most prominent manufacturers of water purification products. The brand strongly considers the environment in creating its products—its high-quality products effectively purify drinking water and improve the users’ overall quality of life.

Waterdrop Elfin Pitcher Water Filter for Home PT-05

This water filter relies on a multi-stage water filter technology to reduce most impurities in your water, including fluoride, arsenic, and others. It is NSF 42 and 372 certified and comes with a smart LED filter life indicator that helps you track your water quality in real-time. You also get a reminder when your filter is due for a replacement.
The simple design means you can refill the pitcher without removing the cover. Waterdrop also adopted a compact size that ensures you can keep the pitcher easily in your fridge doors, ensuring your filtered water stays cold for as long as possible.

Ultrafiltration Under Sink Water Filter Systems TSU-B

You can count on this ultra-filtration undersink purification system to reduce chlorine, lead, fluoride, heavy metals, VOCs, and other impurities. However, it is not effective in removing TDS.

Integrated Waterway

The innovative integrated waterway in this filtration system ensures zero water leak. You can replace the filters while keeping the water running. The system also produces purified water without wasting a lot of water.

Real-time Monitoring

You can keep track of your water quality and the operating mode of the system in real-time, all thanks to the smart indicating system. You can know when to replace your filters from the electronic indicators on the front panel.

Simple, DIY Installation

The Waterdrop ultra-filtration undersink filtration takes just a few minutes to install. You can complete the installation at home and have filtered running in just minutes.

Waterdrop 800GPD RO System with UV Sterilizing Light

The Waterdrop 800GPD RO system is the much-improved version of the Waterdrop G3. The manufacturers have included more innovative features to provide filtered water to small businesses and even large households.

Improved Filtration and Filter Materials

There are three stages of filter setup in the Waterdrop 800GPD. This, alongside the water scale inhibitor, removes most impurities in your tap water. The system effectively eliminates scales from your water, protecting your appliances. The seven-layer RO membrane system also ensures chlorine, heavy metals, and other contaminants do not make it into your drinking water.

Advanced LED UV Sterilizer

Waterdrop added an advanced LED chip to this water filtration system, ensuring 99.9% of the viruses and bacteria in your source water are effectively removed. The breathing lamp comes on when it detects the passage of water and goes off when water stops passing. Therefore, it conserves energy.

Water-Saving and Energy-Efficient

The Waterdrop 800GPD adopts a breakthrough water-saving technique delivering one of the lowest drain ratios in the market. It produces only one cup of wastewater for every three cups of filtered water. Now you can save more on water utility bills while protecting the earth.

Improved Flow and Better Filtration Capacity

This reverse osmosis water filter system can conveniently deliver 800 gallons of filtered water daily. This ultra-large filtration capacity conveniently meets the drinking water needs of small businesses and even large households. The faster water flow also ensures you can fill your cup in just six seconds.

To Round Up

Adopting an eco-friendly water filtration system helps save more water and wastes fewer materials. You also get to reduce your carbon footprint by avoiding the use of water bottles. Waterdrop has some of the best options if you are in the market for an excellent eco-friendly water filtration system.