Replacement Filters for ED01 Electric Instant Water Filter Pitcher
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Replacement Guide
How to replace a filter?
Step 1:
Take out the water pumping unit.
Step 2:
Push the filter inwards, pinch buckles on two sides tightly and take out the filter.
Step 3:
Remove the outer package of a new filter, and take away paperboard on the surface.
Step 4:
Align the buckles of the filter to notches of the water pumping unit, and insert the new filter. When you hear a slight click sound, it means the new filter is installed in place.
Step 5:
Put the water pumping unit back in its original place.
Step 6:
Hold the water dispensing key for 3 seconds to complete filter resetting. Then, the filter life indicator will change from red to blue.

How do I know when to change the filter?

The filter is due for a replacement when the filter life indicator flashes red and buzzes. The countertop water filter can filter up to 200 gallons of water. It is recommended to replace the filter in time to ensure the best water purification experience.

Is it difficult to replace the filter?

No, replacing the filter in this countertop water dispenser is simple. Follow the steps below:
1. Take out the water pump unit, and put a water container under it.
2. Push the filter inwards, pinch the buckles on both sides tightly, and remove the filter.
3. Unbox the new filter and remove the paperboard on the surface.
Align the buckles of the filter to notches of the water pump unit, then insert the new filter. A slight click sound indicates that the new filter is now correctly installed.
4.Press and hold the water dispensing button for 3 seconds to reset the filter. The filter life indicator then turns blue.
5.After the filter reset, you should run water for at least four minutes before use.

Is the filtered water cold or at room temperature?

The water in this countertop water dispenser is at room temperature, depending on how hot or cold your room or home is.

When should I charge this product? How long does a single charge last?

1. The flashing of a red indicator indicates a low battery in this electric water dispenser. Please charge when you notice this.
2. You can charge the system by inserting a 5V/2A USB cable into the charging port on the side of the water pump unit. (Note: Please use a 5V/2A power adapter plug to charge—a smaller charging current will extend the charging time significantly. A full charge takes about 4-5 hours, and you can use the system while charging.
3. The indicator turns and remains green to show that charging has been completed.

Can I use it while plugged in?

You can use the device when it is plugged in. It is recommended that you use a 5V 2A charging adapter that complies with voltage and safety standards.

Why won't my product start?

The internal components of the water filter dispenser may enter a low-temperature protection state if it has been left unused in the fridge for an extended period. This may cause a delay in starting. To resolve this, leave the dispenser to return to room temperature before attempting to use it again. Please get in touch with us if you have further questions or concerns.

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