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AquaTru Classic vs. Waterdrop K19: Which One Is Better?

par Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated November 07, 2022
Homeowners now have numerous options to choose from when it comes to household water treatment systems. The countertop RO filtration system remains the most popular in the market. This type of water purification system combines portability and excellent filtration performance to deliver impressive overall functionality. Unlike the traditional reverse osmosis models, the countertop RO systems are more convenient to use and maintain.

Why Do You Need a RO System in Your Home?

Surface and groundwater are the main sources of urban tap water. These include deep wells, lakes, rivers, and streams. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) disinfects these urban water sources on a large scale. They inactivate the bacteria and parasites present using chloramines or chlorine. But these methods are ineffective against all the contaminants, leaving a few existing pollutants in your household tap water.
Using chlorine in municipal water helps to disinfect the water. But it becomes a problem when these chemicals accumulate over a long time. In addition, these disinfecting compounds are ineffective against other contaminants like industrial solvents, nitrates, sulfates, pesticides, lead, and copper found in water. Therefore, there is a need for a more effective purification solution, and this is where water filter systems come in.
waterdrop k19

Why Choose the Waterdrop K19?

The Waterdrop K19’s significant components include a dispenser top cover, a touch screen, a display screen, a drip tray, a tank cover, a K19 RF filter, and a feed water tank. Let’s see why you should buy one for your family.

Compact, User-friendly Design

You can install this countertop RO water filter system with no plumbing experience. You can use it immediately after powering it on. This makes it perfect for all parts of your home, including the kitchen, living room, and even RV.

Outstanding Filtration Capability

This countertop RO water filter unit combines UV light, reverse osmosis membrane, activated carbon, and PP cotton to provide super-effective and consistent filtration. It is one of the best water purifiers out there.

Saves More Water

The impressive 3:1 drain ratio of this countertop water filter system means it produces one cup of wastewater for every three cups of filtered water. This new drain water recycling technology helps to save money and extends the filter’s lifespan. You can get up to 12 months of filter life.
waterdrop k19 application scenes

170 Oz Extended Filter Capacity

This countertop RO water filter system has an ergonomically designed, compact water tank. This tank can contain up to 170 Oz of filtered drinking water, making it suitable for even big families.

Overall Smarter Design

There is an inbuilt smart display screen where you can monitor the filter status, preset water volume, TDS value, and other details in real-time. You can also choose from four preset modes of fixed water volumes and set them in advance.

Can the Waterdrop K19 Purify Well Water?

It is not advisable to use our RO systems to purify your well water for the following reasons:

Large Particles of Impurities.

Well water is known to contain more and larger particles than municipal water. These particles may clog the water filters and reduce their lifespan. Even if you include a pre-filtration system, using your RO system with well water will force you to replace the filters more frequently.

Composition of Well Water

Asides from containing larger particles, the composition of well water is complicated. This puts the filter and internal valve at an even greater risk of clogging. Your RO system cannot perform efficiently with clogged valves and filters.

Why Choose the AquaTru Classic Filter System?

The AquaTru Classic is designed to help transform your tap water into pure, healthy, and great-tasting drinking water. It ensures you get safe drinking water on demand without having to install complex plumbing fittings and fixtures. The filters are also known for their long lifespans and ease of replacement.
aquatru classic

Patented Multi-Stage Filtration Technology

This filter system is powered by AquaTru’s proprietary ultra-reverse osmosis technology, which effectively removes most contaminants in water, including nitrates, fluoride, chlorine, and lead.

Longer Filter Life

With this filter system, you can worry less about changing filters frequently. The three filters in the AquaTru Classic can deliver between 600 and 1200 gallons, depending on your water usage.

Smart Digital Display

The AquaTru classic informs you when your filters are due for a change, ensuring you do not use an expired or worn-out filter.

Inbuilt Tap Water Tank

This system comes with a tap water tank that stores water from your sink for easy access and purification.

Clean, Purified Water Tank

The AquaTru Classic stores purified water in a special water tank which you can easily remove for storage in the fridge.

User-friendly Dispensing Button

A one-touch dispensing button lets you quickly get clean, purified water from the AquaTru Classic.

Can the AquaTru Classic Purify Hard Water?

This AquaTru water filter is designed to filter water with a hardness level lower than 10 gpg (grain per gallon). If you use it with water of higher hardness, it may lead to the accumulation of limescale on the reverse osmosis membrane filter. Therefore, using the AquaTru with water over 10 gpg hardness is not advisable. This is only advisable when you use a water softener before filtering the water in AquaTru.

Final Words

We need clean and healthy water to live a quality life. The rise in water pollution means everyone must do what they can to protect their family from the dangers of contaminated water. Installing a household water purifier ensures you get safe and healthy drinking water constantly, as well as a few other excellent benefits.