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How to Choose MSWF Water Filter Replacement for GE Refrigerator

par Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated November 06, 2021
Studies show that tap water in two out of ten households tests positive for pharmaceuticals. Apart from pharmaceuticals, contaminants in drinking water include cysts, chlorine, lead, and so much more. Many people purchase water filtration systems like filter pitchers and faucet filters to reduce contaminants in drinking water. Nevertheless, a GE fridge provides a solution.
You can choose from the several available MSWF filters, which can fit and work with your fridge. Which is the best MSWF filter? This article discusses the differences between MSWF filters and GSWF filters, and how you can choose a better one. Hopefully, the tips discussed will save you the hassle of researching and testing all the filters yourself.
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What Are MSWF Filters?

In simple terms, MSWF filters are refrigerator filters; they are already built-in a refrigerator. Especially for the General Electronic fridges, GE and other companies have replacement filters for refrigerator models. The GE MSWF water filter is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) replacement filter. Therefore, GE makes both the original and replacement filter.

What Is The Difference between MSWF and GSWF Filters?

The MSWF and GSWF refrigerator replacement water filters are different. The filters have different features and they are compatible with different fridges. Also, none of the filters is an updated version of the other. It is best to double-check the filters on the product page before purchase, saving effort on replacement and returns.

Replacement and Installation of The MSWF Water Filter

Before replacing and installing an MSWF filter, the first and foremost thing to learn is to take off the original filter from the GE refrigerator. There are refrigerator models that do not have a replacement indicator light.
  • On these models, place a month and year sticker on the new cartridge as a reminder for filter replacement in six months.
  • Afterward, fill the replacement cartridge with tap water; this step is necessary because it allows the dispenser to flow better immediately after installation.
  • The next step is lining up the filters threads with the holder's corresponding threads.
  • Also, place the top of the new cartridge inside the holder.
  • While doing this, ensure you do not push it up into the holder.
  • Afterward, slowly turn to the right till the filter cartridge stops. Ensure you don't overtighten it.
  • As the cartridge turns, it automatically raises itself into position. Also, the cartridge moves about a half turn.
  • The last step is to allow water to run from the dispenser for about five minutes, like 4½ gallons of water. The running water is ideal for clearing the system and preventing sputtering.

Buying Guide for MSWF Water Filters

There is a possibility that you don't have any idea about choosing the right MSWF water filter for your refrigerator; this is mainly because you don't know about their existence.
Your water quality won't improve as long as your in-built filter is unreplaced. Below is a detailed guide on choosing the best water filters at a reasonable cost.

NSF Certification

NSF International verifies compliance with international safety standards for consumer products, which are tested and certified by experts to ensure they meet certain performance requirements. For water filtration certification, the NSF uses standards established by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI).
  • NSF 42 and 372: Filters certified by NSF 42 and NSF 372 standard can effectively reduce contaminants including chlorine, while improving peculiar taste and odor. This standard evaluates water qualities that are non-health related, especially factors that influence water’s taste, odor, and appearance. If you pursue better tasting tap water without fishy taste, the refrigerator water filter passed these two standards can generally meet your requirement.
  • NSF 53: This standard is for water filtration equipment claiming to remove over 50% of water contaminants linked to health-related issues. Filters passed the standard can remove a broader range of contaminants that cause health problems, including lead, cryptosporidium parasites,volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), and chromium.
  • NSF 401: Filters with an NSF 401 rating can remove certain harmful chemicals in drinking water, including prescription and over-the-counter drugs, herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals, such as detergents. Some RO systems and refrigerator water filters make claims about reducing these contaminants.
NSF 42 certification ensures that water is clean and good tasting. However, for most urban or industrial centers NSF 53 is recommended as it's more stringent than the previous standard - this includes additional safety measures such as bacterial limits set by protein-digesting organisms (NSF 401).


When purchasing a filter, it is best to go for one that offers the perfect fit to prevent leaking. The filter should fit your fridge's measurement 100%. Also, you should install it quickly correct position. Therefore, ensure you get a model that has a fantastic engineering design for your GE refrigerators.


When purchasing filters, choose a product that filters out substances present in your water source. The major contaminants in water include heavy metals, particles, and microorganisms. Therefore, picking powerful filters eliminates contaminant depending on the filtration system.
Most MSWF water filters prevent impurities from passing through them because they adopt advanced activated coconut-carbon blocks. The filters feature small-sized micropores with the capability of removing sediments and metals. The best water filters purify water and rid it of weird odor, resulting in a fresh taste.

Filter Capacity

Standard MSWF filters have an average filtration capacity of 300 gallons. For single people or a family of 2, it is better to compromise on buying a 200-gallon filter; otherwise, it isn't an intelligent purchase.


When buying a filter, ensure there is an available proper installation guide on the filter's company's website, the instruction manual, and YouTube. Although filters are easy to install, not all of them are the same when it comes to setting up.

Flow Rate

On the flow rate scale, a flow rate of 2 GPM is considered high. However, higher flow rates increase water pressure.
High water pressures can damage the waterline of a dispenser or ice maker. Therefore, for an MSWF filter, a flow rate of 0.5 to 1 GPM would suffice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Consequence of Not Changing The Water Filter in The Refrigerator?

Not changing the water filter in your refrigerator can cause severe problems. The average filter life is six months. During this period, the model must have built up deposit inside its system, significantly slowing down water purification.
Not replacing the water filter after its lifespan reduces your water quality; the longer the filter stays, your drinking water quality becomes poorer. Therefore, the filter leaves a foul smell and taste, thus, resulting in barely potable water for your home. Also, the filter may damage your fridge's water and ice machine.

Who Is The Best Manufacturer of MSWF Water Filters?

The Waterdrop MSWF refrigerator replacement water filters are compatible with multiple fridges. The Waterdrop MSWF filter offers the same filtration performance at quite a low price compared with the original brand.
There are two series of Waterdrop MSWF water filter - one is NSF 42&53&372 certified and one series secured all the NSF certification mentioned above, which go beyond improving taste and sifting out chlorine. The Waterdrop MSWF replacement filter is a solution that helps reduce harmful impurities in drinking water. According to a third-party laboratory, the filter can remove contaminants, including heavy metals, copper, chlorine, chromium, cadmium, VOCs, THM, and other suspended particles. Although the filter removes impurities, it retains beneficial minerals in the water to ensure your body functions properly.

Is It Necessary to Turn off The Water When Changing The Water Filter?

When you detach the filter, the water supply automatically turns off. It is not necessary to turn off the water supply manually.


Water filtration is essential in removing harmful water contaminants to give you fresh drinking water and remove health risks. Replacement filters are necessary for ensuring that you have fresh drinking water at all times. Fortunately, the Waterdrop MSWF water filter not only fits your fridge perfectly but also ensures that beneficial minerals are retained in drinking water while harmful impurities are removed.