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Things To Enjoy This Coming Valentine's Day

par Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated February 08, 2022
Because of its debated history, no one is quite sure of the true story behind valentine or why we celebrate it. Nevertheless, regardless of the history or events initially surrounding valentine's day, we now have our expectations and traditions for this special day.
Nowadays, Valentine's day is a special day to set aside time for your loved ones, be it your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancé, or family member.

What You Can Do on Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you may be curious as to ways you can make the day more romantic for your loved one. If you have plans with someone special, we have gathered a few activities for you to enjoy this coming February.

Enjoy a Movie

When it comes to planning a fun date, enjoying a good movie surely tops the list. A movie is enjoyable, and typically offers a low-stress activity in an inexpensive, cozy manner. By watching a movie, you can strengthen your current romantic relationship, and share a few laughs in a comfortable environment. However, if you are more into scary flicks, you can create an exciting twist on your next date. Regardless of they genre of movie you enjoy, you are sure to find a title you can enjoy with your loved one.

Make Exciting Travel Plans

Have you ever considered traveling somewhere new for Valentine’s Day? Traveling with you’re a loved one offers the most rewarding adventure, from the very moment you begin your journey, to the moment you arrive back home. This also enables you to strengthen your bond, regardless of whether you are jet setting around the world, taking an RV to the Grand Canyon, or taking a trip to the beach. Whether you prefer to stick to a tight schedule, or see where the wind takes you, a trip can be whatever you dream it to be. If you are traveling in a camper, you may consider a water filter to keep healthy, safe drinking water within reach. Visit Choose Water Filters for Your RV Trip to learn more.

Gifts Can Profess Your Love

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, commonly associated with the giving and receiving of gifts between couples. From personal perfume scents to dozens of roses, gifts must carry a special meaning to have the full effect. Love is a kind of guardianship, Enjoying the happy moments and protecting each other is the essence of love. Therefore, when considering a gift for your loved one, you should choose one that represents you and guards your beloved at all times, even on days you can't meet. Considering about that, a water filter is a right choice.

Is Valentine’s Day Suitable to Gift Water Filter

The beauty of love lies in the guard. When in love, one person's loneliness becomes the happiness of two people, making love beautiful. Therefore, you have to reset your role and consider your loved one's feelings in all you do before making decisions.
Because the body is the capital of everything, having a healthy body is essential for the happy moments you spend with your beloved. Growing cities and natural disasters are challenging our water security. Check to learn more blogs about Flint water crisis, hurricane and Tango volcanic eruptionTango volcanic eruption.
It is possible to use unclean water when cooking or brewing your coffee. However, this water contains contaminants like bacteria and diseases, which are harmful to the body. Therefore, gifting your loved one a water filter is thoughtful.

Water Filters You Can Choose on Valentine's Day

Reverse Osmosis System

RO technology refers to reverse osmosis water purification systems. This type of water purification unit utilizes membrane technology, and took years of careful research to develop within the United States. Ultimately, this style of water filtration captures impurities, organic matter, heavy metals, and more, thanks to a specialized membrane capable of catching things as small as 0.0001 microns.
Reverse osmosis works by applying pressure beyond that of natural osmotic pressure of salty water. The water is caused to permeate from the side under high levels of concentration, to the other with lower concentration, pressing water molecules into the other side of the membrane. During the process, tiny impurities are capture and prevented from flowing through the membrane.
The Waterdrop RO system effectively filters away impurities commonly found in your local water source. It is equipped with a remineralization filter in order to reintroduce essential trace elements commonly removed through the process of RO. Trace elements such as these are necessary for regular function of organs within the human. Waterdrop’s system, compared to other traditional RO system, offers a tankless design with the ability to preserve under-sink space by up to 70%. Furthermore, Waterdrop G2MNR unit offers quick installation, within a time span of 30 mins.


The process of utilizing membrane separation technology is known as ultrafiltration. The driving force behind this process is the pressure difference on either side of the membrane, with an ultrafiltration membrane in the middle. This membrane is covered in a dense number of micropores across the surface, which allows for small water molecules to pass through. The other substances of raw water, with a volume beyond the micropore diameter, is trapped on the initial side of the membrane. Ultimately, the contaminants become part of a concentrated solutions.
Ultrafiltration membranes utilize a membrane pore size accuracy of 0.01~0.001μm. In al reality, this pore size is much larger than that of an RO water purification membrane. While there is a big difference in overall pore size, an ultrafiltration unit only allows water to pass through, as well as some other smaller molecules, including mineral elements and more.
The Waterdrop Ultrafiltration Under Sink unit features a 0.01-micron membrane capable of reducing lead, chloramine, chlorine, heavy metals, and fluoride effectively, among others. Homeowners can expect an extended service life of up to 24 months from this ultrafiltration unit from Waterdrop. However, this particular ultrafiltration system is not produced or offered as a mode of TDS removal.
PP Filter UF Filter CT Filter
Maximum service life 6 months 24 months 12 months

Water Filter Pitcher

While water filter pitchers offer convenience and storage abilities beyond other units, the biggest downside is their overall size and pore size (within the filter). While the size of the water filter in question is relatively small, it offers convenience of use beyond that of other filtration systems. You also don’t need to purchase accessories, or spend time on a lengthy installation or maintenance. However, the pores within the filter cartridges is very large, and mostly capable of removing contaminants that influence taste, such as chlorine, chloramine, and more.

Waterdrop Chubby Water Filter Pitcher PT-04

Waterdrop’s PT-04 water filter pitcher is covered by an NSF 42 certification, as well as an NSF 372. Overall, the Chubby Water Filter effectively reduces or removes the presence of chlorine, and other contaminants that influence taste and odor. You may expect up to 3 months, or 200 gallons in overall lifespan of the Waterdrop pitcher. Learn more about our water filter pitchers here.

About Waterdrop

Waterdrop is a company that specializes in making water filtration equipment and accessories. Because the company has been in establishment since 2015, it has spent seven years producing and perfecting its products. So, you can consider gifting your friends, family, and loved ones, a water filter from us on valentine's day. We hope that giving your loved ones a Waterdrop water filter or purification system will supply them with safe and healthy drinking water while expressing your sincerest affection towards them.
Gift the most considerate kitchen water filter to your lover on this valentine's day to improve the quality of their life as they drink water bit by bit every day