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10 Essentials for Camping Trip in 2021

par Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated April 08, 2021
What’s your destination for your first camping this year?
If you have already decided on your campsite, another important thing is to prepare the gadgets and gears that will be needed for the trip.
If you are looking for a round-up of camping essentials for your camping trip, let’s dive directly into our blog of the 10 must-bring essentials for a camping trip today.

1. Portable water filter

Hydration is a huge issue to deal with in camping. If for a short camping trip within one day or so, taking water with bottles or bladders will be enough. However, if for a long time camping, or your trip becomes too long due to bad weather or other occasions, a portable water filter for emergency needs will be necessary.
The water filter straw could make water from the outdoor water source into safe, drinkable water by effectively removing harmful substances, bacteria, bad water and odor in water.
Here are two kinds of portable water filters for your choice. One is the Waterdrop water filter straw with gravity water bags that can serve one person to a group of people while camping. Another is LifeStraw Go that usually will be used personally. Check out our blog for a comprehensive comparison of portable water filters here.

2. Extra Food

We always spend a lot of time researching tasty outdoor food recipes like grills, toasts, before our camping trip. But don’t forget to prepare some packaged food like energy bars, nuts, dried fruit that can be kept long for survival use in emergencies. Buying such freeze-dried food with a long shelf life is also a nice option.

3. Tent and Sleep Bag

It is a lovely idea to sleep beneath stars at night, yet having a tent and sleep bag on hand is essential on a camping trip for unpredictable climate and temperature changes.
A tent could protect you and your gears from heavy dew, strong wind, rain and other extreme weather outdoors.
Besides, a sleeping bag could keep you warm at night when the temperature decreases suddenly and protect you from the biting of all the mosquitos, ants, and other pests.

4. Power Supply

Although camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and the wilderness, electronic devices like smartphones, cameras, tablets are usually used to keep us connected with our fellows and the outside world, recording joyful moments as well.
This is when a portable power supply becomes essential for a camping trip. You can decide the power capacity based on whether you are going camping in a car or backpacking.

5. Fire Starters

When it comes to camping, a joyful scene that a group of fellows surround the warm, crackling campfire will always pop into our minds.
Matches may easily get wet and cannot start a fire. It is necessary to prepare a fire starter.
Dry kindling will be hard to find outdoors to start a fire, therefore, preparing a little dry bark or newspaper in advance will also be necessary.

6. A First-Aid Kit

Though we will try our best to avoid, injuries and sickness during the campings are unpredictable. To better prepare ourselves, a first-aid kit is vital. The complete kit with all the necessities would be ideal.

7. Lantern

The cozy flicker of your campfire is better than any light in the camping. However, for a midnight bathroom trip, during a rainy night, or other activities that require better visibility, a portable lantern or flashlight with long-lasting battery life is a reliable light source that could illuminate your dark campsite.

8. Knife

Knives are very useful essentials outdoors for repairing the gears, cutting the ropes, first aid and other emergency needs.
A basic knife usually only has a foldout blade, a multi-functional knife will also include other tools like a scissor, screwdriver, can opener to meet different needs.

9. Extra Clothes and Rain Gear

Conditions can abruptly change outdoors: temperature may go rapidly high or low, rain and fog will make your clothes wet. Nobody wants to wear uncomfortable clothes on the trip, so it is necessary to take extra clothes and rain gears to protect yourself from the temperature and weather changes from time to time.

10. Rope

Rope is a must-have on your camping trip. It helps you hang your wet garments, create a tent, lifting heavy items, and working as a towing device to take people away from water as well as other emergency situations.


It takes a lot of time and energy to prepare for a successful camping trip. Only when you are on the joyful journey of your tour outdoors, will you find them worth it all. Hope this guide is helpful for you and wish you guys could have a great camping season!