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The Benefits of Purified Water

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated May 29, 2020
What are the benefits of purified water? Does it really matter if I drink purified water or something else? Waterdrop is here to help you understand the importance of water purification.
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Water is the basepoint of life on the planet. Humans can survive for quite some time without solid food, but not for nearly as long without water. The same goes for animals and plants. So why is good, clean water so hard to find? Why does it seem that we're constantly hearing about how this type of water is actually bad for you, or that type of water doesn't do what it says it does in its marketing messaging, etc.? Why should this even matter?
We hear about these things because they actually happen, and this matters because we are what we consume. Just as one example, take a look at when the World Health Organization decided to look into bottled water. If we consume dirty, unhealthy water, we are inflicting serious harm on ourselves. However, if we consume clean, safe water, we are providing ourselves with a solid foundation on several fronts. The benefits of purified water are many in number, which is why Waterdrop helps provide homes and businesses with purified water in hundreds of different forms. Below you'll find an overview of the benefits of purified water in hopes that you'll do what you can to start bringing purified water into your life.

Protection from chemicals

Perhaps the most important of the benefits of purified water is that it removes harmful chemical agents from the water before you drink it. Water that comes from the tap in your sink is treated at the local water plant to some degree, but even that water generally contains chemical agents designed to keep it “clean” in a scientific sense. Even putting that aside, this water travels through the city's plumbing grid and then through your own pipes before it gets to your tap. If there are any impurities in that system of pipes, which is likely the case, they could wind up in what you drink. Examples of substances found in tap water by way of various studies over the years include:
  • Arsenic
  • Aluminum
  • Lead
  • Chlorine
If you're thinking that bottled water is the answer, you may want to revisit that idea. Ignoring the environmental damage that these bottles inflict on the planet and even putting aside the WHO story from above, Food & Water Watch published a report stating that approximately half of all bottled water actually comes from the tap. You need to keep these harmful substances out of your system.

Energy levels

We tend to drink a lot of different liquids. From coffee to soda to fruity drinks to flavored water, we're constantly consuming something in a cup or bottle. While we can safely assume that what we're drinking is basically clean water, that's a far cry from consuming purified water. In fact, many of these drinks contain sugars and other ingredients that slowly dehydrate people. When someone becomes even slightly dehydrated, their energy level suffers, as does their mindset, their mood and their general performance level.
A study published by the National Institutes of Health found that mild dehydration inhibits the cognitive performance and the mood of men. However, one of the benefits of purified water is that it actually helps restore your energy levels and your brain function with proper hydration. One idea would be to add a water purifier to your life so you can brew your coffee with it – you'll notice the difference!
One of the organs that works very closely with the water you take in is your kidneys. Kidneys need a steady flow of healthy, clean water so that they can dilute the harmful substances in your body and excrete them properly. If your kidneys are not getting enough clean water, then they're not going to be able to do their job. As a result, people may find themselves with internal systems loaded with impurities. Purified water gives your kidneys a boost. It helps them get rid of more harmful substances than they would otherwise. There are many people out there who do cleanses, and one of the baseline ingredients they use for these cleanses is purified water.
Outward appearance
When we think about how we look to others and how we can look our best, there probably aren't many of us who think of drinking purified water. However, researchers have been looking at this over the years, particularly in terms of how water affects the skin. Scientists at the University of Wisconsin published a paper talking about the benefits of water for your skin, which we need to remember is an organ. Specifically, the paper stated that not drinking enough water will lead to dry and flaky skin. Purified water provides a glow to your skin that you will notice.
Yes, water helps with digestion, and purified water only helps that much more. If we are constipated and/or suffer from stomach aches regularly, it may be because we're not consuming enough clean water. Water helps to break down food in the digestive system and it helps the bowel soften things as they pass through. This only makes their movements that much more comfortable and it only allows for an easier time digesting food and absorbing more of the nutrients that come with it.

How do I start using purified drinking water?

Years ago, getting your hands on purified filtered water was difficult and expensive. As more people began to recognize the benefits of purified water, more companies began to offer products designed to handle water purification in the home and office. Waterdrop is one of those companies, and we do things right. We offer water purification products for everything from the sink to the refrigerator to just about anywhere else you can otherwise get water.
We do so because purified water matters; it makes a difference. It should matter to you not only what you drink, but what your family drinks. What we've listed above is far from an exhaustive list of the benefits of purified water. Instead, it's a handful of examples, any of which should convince people that purified water is the way to move forward. If you're ready to learn more about how Waterdrop can help you, take a look at our different offerings and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.