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Waterdrop King Tank Vs. Big Berkey: Which Gravity Water Filter You Should Get?

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated January 02, 2022
Choosing the best water filter system for your home can be challenging. There are so many options to sieve through to find the best fit. The comparison between the Big Berkey water filter and Waterdrop King Tank is even stronger. These two stainless-steel gravity-fed water filters are built similarly.
This article extensively compares the Waterdrop King Tank vs. Big Berkey gravity-fed water filters. We are confident you will be better positioned to make the right choice in the end.
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How Does A Gravity Water Filter Work?

There are two primary chambers in gravity filters, both sitting on one another. Water enters through the upper filter of the gravity filter, passes through a filter, and ends up in the lower chamber. This movement is due to the force of gravity. You can then get filtered water out of the lower chamber by switching on the small inbuilt dispenser.
Gravity filtration systems are designed to work based on the universal law of gravitation. That is why the water can travel freely from the upper to lower chamber, while passing through the filter elements. There are millions of microscopic pores in the filter elements. These pores ensure that only water molecules pass through the filter, trapping most other molecules in the process.

Comparison Chart

Waterdrop King Tank
Waterdrop King Tank
Big Berkey
Big Berkey
  • Capacity: 2.25 gallons
  • Material: 304 Food-Grade Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Filter Lifespan: 6,000 gallons
  • Fluoride Filter Lifespan: 1,000 gallons
  • Water Level Spigot: Present in the box
  • Stainless Steel Stand: Present in the box
  • Wrench: Included
  • Price Starts at: $249
  • Capacity: 2.25 gallons
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Filter Lifespan: 6,000 gallons
  • Fluoride Filter Lifespan: 1,000 gallons
  • Water Level Spigot: Not present. To be bought separately ($41.80)
  • Stainless Steel Stand: Not present. To be bought separately ($46.45)
  • Wrench: Not present.
  • Price Starts at: $317

Introducing Waterdrop and Berkey


Waterdrop was established in 2015 with the mandate of solving global water problems. Over the years, the company has rolled out hundreds of best-in-class purification solutions, leading to a sterling global reputation as one of the best water purification brands in the world. Waterdrop prioritizes in-depth research and a world-class developmental process in all of its outputs.
From using the latest purification concepts to adopting new innovative technology, every Waterdrop product aims to serve the end-users with the best possible user experience. The company also designs and manufactures core systems and technologies and seamlessly integrates R&D production and sales.
With all of these, it is not surprising to see millions of households in America and beyond adopt Waterdrop as their most reliable water purification brand.


What started as a family business has impressively metamorphosed into a global-scale water purification company. Berkey Filters boasts a generation-long track record of rolling out advanced water purification systems backed by advanced technology. In addition, the company prioritizes home water filtration solutions. The gravity-fed water filter from Berkey is one of the most popular options in the market. The line-up comprises eight different units, all made for domestic use.

Waterdrop King Tank vs. Big Berkey

Waterdrop King Tank

You get similar filtration capabilities from the King Tank and the Big Berkey filters. They can effectively reduce most contaminants in your water, including chemicals, large particles, chlorine, sediments, odor, and taste.
The King Tank offers a thorough filtration performance, especially when reducing contaminants in water. It relies on black and fluoride filters to deliver a premium filtration performance. In addition, the premium carbon block effectively absorbs several impurities such as sediment, rust, sand, odor, and bad taste.
The uniform particles, coupled with the smooth surface, ensure the black filters can efficiently reduce chlorine and remove bad taste. The much cleaner water then moves through the granular activated carbon, where it is subjected to further filtration to ensure improved taste and quality.
Check out Waterdrop Black Filters and Fluoride Filters. These filters are compatible with Waterdrop King Tank and Berkey Travel, Big, Royal, Imperial and Crown Series as well.
The white fluoride water filters use advanced resin and granular activated carbon, and food-grade fluoride reducer to reduce up to 98% of fluoride in water. Therefore, the filtered water has a better taste and no odor. It is also important to mention the jointless and user-friendly design of the King Tank. So, you can rest assured of getting cleaner and safer water any time, any day.
The Waterdrop King Tank Filter starts at $229.
The replacement filter costs $85 for the bundle.
Furthermore, you count on the King Tank filter to meet your household’s daily water needs, thanks to its ultra-large size. Waterdrop also includes all the accessories you need to start using this water filter system in the box, including water level spigot, wrench, and anti-slip stand. You get to save up to $100 on these accessories by getting them out-of-the-box.

Big Berkey

Berkey has a great reputation for household water filtration solutions, especially the highly-rated gravity-fed water filters. This particular unit delivers an impressive filtration performance due to its extensive research and developmental process.
As tests have confirmed, it can effectively reduce up to 98% fluoride in water. It is also effective against over 200 contaminants present in water. In addition, the filter elements in the Black Berkey are in line with NSF standards, although they are yet to be NSF certified.
The Big Berkey starts at $317.
The replacement filter bundle is $218.
The holding capacity of the Big Berkey is 2.25 gallons, with two purification elements capable of filtering 3,000 gallons each. The filtration rate is 3.75 gallons per hour. You can choose other sizes based on your household water consumption rates.

Should I Buy Waterdrop King Tank or Big Berkey Water Filter?

Both are excellent household water filtration solutions offering similar capabilities. However, the ultimate choice between the two will depend on your preferences. For example, the King Tank’s premium filtration performance, while Berkey offers you more selections. Likewise, you get free accessories with the Waterdrop King Tank, including the water level spigot that allows easy tracking of your water level.
Overall, the King Tank has all it takes to provide you with a unique user experience. After all, that is one of Waterdrop’s strongest points.