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Waterdrop vs. InSinkErator® Instant Hot Water Dispenser – Which Is Better?

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated July 06, 2023
One of the major decisions homeowners must make is to choose the right instant hot water dispensers for their new or renovated houses. These devices come in different makes and models and provide easy access to instant hot water, which is essential to our overall quality of life.
There are tons of hot water dispensers out there – you will have a hard time choosing the best. Fortunately, this guide will save you stress and time. We have compared the Waterdrop K6 and its competition to help you decide which is the better instant hot water dispenser for your household between both. We have all the facts and figures you need to make a sound choice.
If you are new to instant hot water dispensers, this article will get you up to speed.

Introducing Instant Hot Water Dispensers

Imagine a mini electric water heater but with a storage tank—that is what a hot water dispenser unit essentially offers. This point-of-use water heater is linked to a small sink-top spout where you get the heated water. Some models are connected with a water filter that removes impurities from the heated water. Some dispensers provide both cold and hot water directly from the sink.
A control dial on the unit’s exterior also allows users to set their desired temperature or turn off the dispenser. Inbuilt thermostats control the heating process – they ensure the heating element switches off once the water in the tank has gotten to the desired temperature.
Thermostats in hot water dispensers tend to fail faster than other components. You can repair or replace the thermostat, but we recommend changing the dispenser altogether. It is the more cost-effective and time-saving option, considering most instant hot water dispenser tanks can be easily coupled or decoupled in minutes.

Waterdrop K6 vs. InSinkErator® Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Comparison Chart

Waterdrop Instant hot water dispenser InSinkErator instant hot water
Waterdrop K6 InSinkErator®
Filtration System: Reverse Osmosis Filtration System: Basic Filtration System
Faucet: Smart Touch Display Faucet Faucet: Brass Construction With Chrome-Plated Finish
Water Temperture: 104℉-203℉ Water Temperture: 160℉ to 200℉
Capacity: 600 GPD (RO System)
The Waterdrop K6 Hot Water Dispenser has one major advantage over the InSinkErator®—it has both reverse osmosis and instant hot water dispensing systems in one unit. So, you get clean, filtered hot water constantly.

Why should you choose the Waterdrop K6 Instant Hot Water Dispenser?

You get heating and reverse osmosis purification functionalities from a single system when you get the Waterdrop K6 water filter system.
It runs through the traditional under sink RO water purification process while allowing users set their desired temperatures. The Waterdrop K6 RO instant hot water filter system allows users to enjoy step-less temperature changes between 104℉ and 203℉.
The 600 GPD high capacity combined with a high hot water flow rate of 0.4 gal/min ensures you get as much filtered hot water as possible without waiting.
Waterdrop instant hot water dispenser

Advanced Multistage Filtration

The RO system works relies on the application of pressure of water. It presses water molecules to pass through its RO membrane, and thus intercepts harmful impurities. The minimum pore size of the reverse osmosis membrane is about 0.1 nm, which is far smaller than the diameter of the virus (about 0.02-0.25 micron).
We have written a blog about reverse osmosis, check here to learn Everything You Need to Know About Reverse Osmosis Systems.
Waterdrop instant hot RO system
The filtration process in this device is handled by the 5-in-1 filter unit, which includes an RO membrane, PP cotton, a carbon block, and other filtration materials.
The system efficiently removes most impurities in tap water, including TDS, chromium, chloride, nitrate, heavy metals, salts, fluoride, and PFAS, among others. The layer-by-layer filtration ensures your hot water is purified up to the last drop.

User-friendly Smart Display Faucet

There is a digital display faucet that shows the TDS level and the filter condition in real-time. You can also adjust the temperature through this interface, ensuring a convenient user experience.
There is a child Lock feature that keeps children away. the water temperature is safe for you, while it could burn your little ones in as little as seconds. Waterdrop now designed the child lock for its K6 instant hot water dispenser, saving you from worrying about your kids being burnt.
Waterdrop K6 Smart Display Faucet

High Safety Protection

The Waterdrop K6 RO instant hot water dispenser automatically tracks the purification process. It has inbuilt water dispensing temperature indication that prevents scalding and improves safety. You also get an inbuilt flowmeter, NTC, and a heating overtime protection feature that ensures the element does not burn at extreme temperatures.

Why Should You Choose the InSinkErator® Instant Hot Water Dispenser?

The first important thing to note about the InSinkErator® dispenser is that it is linked directly to the kitchen’s sink cold water supply, which connects to the hot water tank usually placed under the sink. The tank usually contains near-boiling water, about two to three gallons. Once the user uses up some of the water from the storage, more cool water is sent to the tank and then heated. The inbuilt thermostat controls the heating process and temperature.

Stainless Steel Hot Water Tank

Every unit of Involve Series® and Invite Series® system comes with an InSinkErator® instant hot water tank. This part of the system is crucial to delivering instant hot water because it always keeps sufficient water at near-boiling temperatures.
The tank is linked to the instant hot water faucet. You can make the connection seamlessly without additional tools. There is also a temperature adjustment control right on the tank’s exterior that allows users to set their desired hot water temperatures.

Hot and Cold Water from a Single Faucet

A hot-only faucet will provide near-boiling water whenever you need it, and the hot and cold handles will provide both hot and cold water on demand from the same tap.


The Waterdrop K6 and InSinkErator® Instant Hot Water Dispenser Systems are good choices for anyone looking to add a hot water dispenser to their homes. A homeowner’s choice often boils down to personal and brand preferences. Whichever you decide to go for, you can rest assured of making an excellent choice.

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