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Ultimate Guide of 2022 Waterdrop Black Friday Sale (with Hidden Discount Code)

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated November 03, 2022
Black Friday comes after Thanksgiving and is one of the biggest shopping days of the calendar year. Fortunately, Waterdrop has commenced its 2022 Black Friday sales. Shoppers are in for incredible deals and super fun games for this year’s Black Friday Waterdrop sales. An unmatched shopping experience awaits you, and this buying guide will help you shop for the best water filters at fantastic rates. (Some of the links are invalid till Nov. 7th)
You don’t have to worry about the price change during the sales. We guarantee you a 100% price match from now till the 2022 Cyber Monday. Place your orders earlier, so you can enjoy the price same as Black Friday with much faster delivery.

Giveaway Ignites Pre-Black Friday Sales, Nov. 7th-19th

The 2022 Waterdrop Black Friday Sales promises fun, starting with the “giveaway,” which allows you to win big rewards for completing tasks. You can be the lucky winner of a G3P800 worth $999, a G3 worth $499, or a G2 worth $299, all for free. You also stand a chance to get freebies like our water filter straw and RV inline water filter with a flexible hose protector worth $13.99 and $32.99, respectively.
Our winners will be announced on the 20th of November on the Waterdrop Facebook Group page. We will also send emails to inform our winners. This part of the sales is expected to offer customers and participants up to $3,000 in rewards.
waterdrop black friday giveaway

A Total Cash Back Value of $15,000, Nov. 7th-28th

From November 7 to 28, customers can participate in our cash back program as part of the Waterdrop 2022 pre-Black Friday sales. For every successful share, you get a cash back of $5, which can be accumulated for use. Participants are expected to win a total cash back value of $15,000, so the more referrals, the more cash back you earn.
We will notify you of your cash back information by email every Monday. You can claim your cash back value by submitting your order number and order email address via the link included in your email.

Veterans Day Sale, Nov. 7th-13th

“Armistice Day” was first pronounced a legal holiday on the 11th of November, 1938, backed by a Congressional Act. The day, dedicated to the cause of world peace, was later renamed Veterans Day in 1954 to honor everyone who had served the United States at the war front.
Waterdrop’s Veterans sale will last for a week, from 7th to 13rd of November. During this period, you can enjoy early deals for Black Friday and free gifts with purchases at the same time.

Exclusive Discount

In honor of their outstanding service to the nation, Waterdrop will be offering a unique savings program for veterans and active members of the United States Armed Forces and their dependents. This includes an exclusive 20% discount coupon on all our products. This coupon will be valid from November 4th to 30th.
Please note that this 20% discount is only applicable during the Veterans sale and to only veterans, active members of the armed forces, and their dependents. The 15% discount remains valid throughout the year.

$300 off to Enjoy Black Friday Deal Earlier

You can enjoy $300 off on buying the Waterdrop G3P800 under sink RO system 2-year combo kit. Waterdrop G3P800 uses the new tech LED chip to reduce up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in tap water effectively. It is one of the most advanced RO water purifiers out there for your home.

Gift with Purchase

If the total value of your order ranges between $250 to $500, you are qualified to be chosen as one of the three orders daily that will get an additional gift on your purchase. This offer is valid for the duration of the Veterans sale. You can win gifts like an indoor odor absorber valued at $21.99, RV inline water filter with a flexible hose protector (2 packs) valued at $32.99, a water filter with hose protector valued at $29.99, and a water filter straw valued at $13.99.
If the total value of your order is more than $700, you are qualified to be chosen as the lucky winner of one-year combo replacement filters for the G3 or G3P800 reverse osmosis system. This includes 2 CF filters and 1 CB filter. We will announce the winners daily on the Waterdrop Facebook Group page and have your reward in your order.
gift with purchase during waterdrop veterans day sale

Thanksgiving Sale, Nov. 14th-20th

Right after the Veterans Day sale is the Thanksgiving sale, which runs from November 14 to 20. During this period, we will crown random winners with free order gift, which means they get their orders free. There will also be an exclusive discount code created just for you.

Free Orders, Nov. 14th-20th

You stand a chance to get your order for free every day between November 14th and 28th.
From November 14th to 20th, the first order from 9 am PST wins and gets the order free; the first two orders from 12 am PST get a $10 cash back each, while the first three orders from 6 pm PST get $5 cash back each. We will announce the winners daily on the Waterdrop Facebook Group page.

Save $268 on Our Instant Hot Water Dispenser

The Waterdrop K6 is the first-to-market reverse osmosis system with an inbuilt heating function. It is designed to provide purified drinking water at different temperatures—a massive upgrade from the traditional RO water purification options. The 2022 edition of Waterdrop Black Friday sale will allow customers to save $268 on this system using an exclusive discount code: WDBL. This is valid from the 4th to the 28th of November and is open only to customers who buy the Waterdrop K6. That means you can enjoy an almost 34% discount on your purchase while standing a chance to win a free instant hot water dispenser.

Waterdrop 2022 Black Friday Sale, Nov. 21st-27th

Starting from November 21, we will kickstart the year’s biggest shopping event—the 2022 Waterdrop Black Friday Sale. Waterdrop has fantastic deals and discounts to make your 2022 Black Friday shopping experience unmatched.

7.77s to Win, Nov. 21st-27th

The “7.77 seconds to win” game is designed to make shopping fun and cheap for Waterdrop shoppers. The first step to play the game is to input your email. Next, long press to start and release to stop. You win if your timer stops at 7.77 seconds. The winning gift is a special 30% discount coupon and a ticket that allows you to win one of these for free: a G3P800 RO system two-year combo kit valued at $1,088, a G3 RO system valued at $499, or a G2 RO system valued at $299.
black friday game to win a free waterdrop ro system

More Free Orders, Nov. 21st-27th

You can win even more free orders from November 21 to 27, as follows: the first two orders from 9 am PST, the first two orders from 12 am PST, and the first two orders from 6 pm PST all get their orders for free. We will announce the winners daily on the Waterdrop Facebook Group page.

Cyber Monday—Extra Free Order Chances

Shoppers can still access the Waterdrop free order deals beyond the Black Friday Sales. On November 28, which is Cyber Monday 2022, we will put a total of nine free order slots up for grabs. These include the first three orders from 9 am PST, the first three orders from 12 am PST, and the first three orders from 6 pm PST. As usual, we will announce the winners on the Waterdrop Facebook Group page.

To Round Up

Every household that considers the health of its members a priority will install an efficient filter to remove the impurities present in tap water. Shopping for the ideal water filter gets better on annual shopping and sales days like Black Friday.
Take advantage of the discounts and fantastic offers outlined in this blog. Remember, they are only available for a while.
*Waterdrop reserves the sole right to the final interpretation of the activities, offers, and discounts above.