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Top Water Filter Pitchers of 2024: Expert Picks

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated February 26, 2024
A water jug is an absolute must-have for every modern kitchen since the contaminants in municipal water supplies are often unknown. Utilizing throwaway bottles is both expensive and contributes to plastic waste. A high-quality water filter pitcher is more economical and enhances tap water’s flavor while being beneficial to health and pleasant to use.
What can you expect from a high-quality water pitcher filter? Typical impurities in drinking water include magnesium and calcium deposits causing hardness, fluoride, and chlorine from treatment plants and trace levels of heavy metals, including lead, chromium, and arsenic. Filters made of activated carbon, often found in pitchers, can remove these quickly and efficiently.

Do water filter systems work?

For clarity, the water filter pitchers that we evaluate are designed to improve the flavor of potable water and remove any aromas that are not desirable from water that is safe to drink. An unpleasant taste or odor in tap water is often reported. This is often where pitchers equipped with integrated filters excel.
Some manufacturer’s claim that their pitchers remove pollutants like lead and chlorine. Filters approved for eliminating specific contaminants may be found in accredited labs such as the National Science Foundation, the World Quality Association, and the International Absorption and Testing Organization. Validating these assertions is the only method to achieve contentment. Those items that have been put through the certification process will be given a seal by the testing agency.

Electric Water Pitcher with Waterdrop Capacity

The primary purpose of an efficient water filtration system is to effectively eliminate pollutants from water, including sediments, chlorine, and disagreeable tastes and smells. It should provide reliable and consistent filtering results to ensure customers have a pleasant drinking experience. All of these are essential characteristics that the Waterdrop Electric Pitcher possesses.

Effective & Touchless Function

In order to give consumers the most enjoyable experience possible, the Waterdrop Electric Pitcher is equipped with a streamlined control system that only requires one key to operate and a design powered by electricity. This electric pitcher filters water faster and more accurately than traditional pitchers and dispensers due to its advanced and secure filter materials. Your satisfaction will be guaranteed upon upgrading to this item.

Outstanding Content

Because of its exceptional 0.5-um premium carbon block filter material, the Waterdrop Electric Pitcher sets a new standard for the accuracy of its filtering capabilities. In addition, the meticulously crafted design guarantees an exceptional reduction of contaminants while simultaneously preventing any carbon leakage. Consequently, the flavor and cleanliness of the water that you drink ought to enhance significantly as a consequence of this. Replace the filter after it has been used for three months or after it has been used to filter a total of two hundred gallons of water, whichever comes first.
waterdrop electric pitcher in the refrigerator

Extended Battery

The Waterdrop Electric Pitcher’s durable battery removes the need for regular recharge, reducing hassle. One charge can sustain continuous filtering for one month. Ultimately, this simplifies maintenance needs and enhances convenience.

A Water Pitcher with a Clear Filter

This device is a high-efficiency water filter pitcher capable of retaining essential minerals while removing up to 99.99% of over 365 pollutants. These contaminants include chlorine, arsenic fluoride, lead, and PFAS. Because it has passed independent testing and certification by other labs, it provides effective pollution prevention.
In addition to satisfying the requirements for daily hydration, the pitcher’s volume of 80 ounces (10 cups) and its prolonged filter life of 100 gallons make it simple to use and reduce the number of times the filter has to be changed. Its structure is made from high-quality materials and does not include any BPS or BPA at all, which is a significant safety feature.

Brita Standard Metro Water Filter Pitcher

If you are a single individual who lives alone, this water filtration pitcher is the ideal container for you. Given that it can only store five cups, you will likely need to refill it many times during the day if you use the water you are advised to consume daily. Nevertheless, it is simple to refill, and the process is rapid, which ensures that there is always pure water that has been filtered and accessible. It is a practical choice for providing filtered water that is manageable in a family with just one person since, despite its tiny size, it is easy to maintain the appropriate hydration level.
a blue water filter pitcher

Advanced 5-Stage Filter in a ZeroWater 10-Cup Water Filter Jug

Consumption of this ZeroWater bottle may result in an intriguing beverage. Using a five-stage filter, it can remove 99.6% of total dissolved solids (TDS) and microplastics as tiny as three microns. Even though the 10-cup model is too big for refrigerators of a smaller size, it has an incredible capacity of 2.3 liters of filtered water, and its ingenious design enables you to discharge water from either the bottom or the top of the jug. Depending on the amount of capacity you want, the jug comes in a range of sizes, from six to thirty glasses.

Water Filter Dispenser, PUR Plus, 30 Cup

The PUR PLUS 30-cup Water Filter Dispenser may benefit anyone with a big family or who has established a daily goal of drinking one gallon of water. This high-capacity dispenser has a spigot that does not leak and a sleek and deep design. It can be purchased for around $70. It has been verified that the PUR PLUS filter can remove seventy additional pollutants, including lead, mercury, and certain pesticides. Carbon that coconut shells have activated is the material.
To achieve a clean, fresh flavor devoid of the stench of chlorine, the PUR water filter pitcher is equipped with a mineral core that substitutes for certain natural minerals, such as magnesium and calcium. However, they only last for two months, equivalent to around forty gallons. In order to stock up for a whole year, purchasing multipacks typically costs approximately fifty dollars.
holding a glass of water

Things to Take Into Account While Choosing the Best Water Filter

The quantity of water one should consume daily is different from the amount advised; instead, it is a matter of personal taste. Having access to water that has an unadulterated taste can assist you in accomplishing your hydration goals. Compared to buying single-use bottled water in bulk, pitchers equipped with their own water filters are more cost-effective and less harmful to the environment. Keep the following considerations in mind as you search for the most suitable pitcher for your needs.
It is important to note that the quantity of water each needs to drink differs from the suggested eight glasses. Your ability to achieve your hydration objectives will be aided by the availability of water that has a pleasant taste. Instead of purchasing bottled water that is only used once, it may be more cost-effective and helpful to the environment to purchase water filter pitchers. While choosing the ideal pitcher, a few factors need to be considered.


There are a variety of things that filters may eliminate or diminish, and their designs and prices can also vary. Activated carbon comprises most of the filters in this roundup because of its capacity to absorb chlorine and reduce levels of lead, asbestos, mercury, and volatile organic compounds. Look at the performance information available on the manufacturers websites manufacturers’ websites if you have particular concerns, such as removing a specific chemical or heavy metal from the water supply you use.
When looking for the perfect water filter pitcher, it is essential to keep the following basic requirements in mind:

Standards NSF/ANSI 42

By this generally recognized criterion, it has been shown that a filter can remove chloramines and the odor and taste of chlorine. Any product that meets the requirements of NSF/ANSI 42 has been subjected to rigorous testing and verification to ensure that it has successfully reduced the presence of pollutants that impact the appearance, odor, or taste of water for individuals.

53 NSF/ANSI Standard

The presence of some herbicides and pesticides, as well as heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, and mercury, has been shown to decrease, yet another criterion that is universally acknowledged.

The NSF/ANSI Standard 401

This indicates that the filter may eliminate or significantly reduce up to 15 categories of “emerging impurities,” such as DEET, ibuprofen, microplastics, bisphenol A (BPA) , and certain herbicides and pesticides.


It is essential to carefully consider the material selection when purchasing a water filter since it will be in constant touch with the water you consume. Plastic pitchers come in various styles and sizes, and the quality of each differs from one model to the next. There are alternatives available for anyone concerned about the flavor and safety of containers made of plastic. Glass water pitchers are an excellent option since they provide your filtered water with a non-reactive and typically more transparent container.

Utilization of Water

Please consider the amount of water your household consumes and the number of gallons a filter can store before it has to be changed. With fresh filters, a pitcher can continue to work correctly. Very dry or large houses may need to replace their filters considerably sooner than the suggested two months since some versions can manage as little as forty gallons. Filters that have a longer lifespan can be a much better option. Remember that you need to conduct some arithmetic to determine how much money you will spend on replacements over a year.