Waterdrop Replacement for Kenmore Refrigerator Water Filters

How often should you change Kenmore refrigerator water filter?

A refrigerator filter usually provides a life of 6 months. Replace your fridge filter every or less than six months, depending how much water you use in daily life.

How to replace an interior Kenmore refrigerator filter?

First, push or pull the tab on the filter compartment to open it. Second, twist the filter counterclockwise and pull it out. Next, take the seal off from the end of the new filter and screw the new filter clockwise into the compartment. Finally, press the “Filter Reset” button if the light above it is yellow or red.

How to change a Kenmore filter on the bottom of the fridge?

First, twist the dial on the bottom of the fridge counterclockwise to pull it out. Next, slide the dial handle onto the new filter. Thirdly, feed the new filter back into your fridge and turn it clockwise. Finally, hold the “Filter Reset” button for 3 seconds if it has an orange or yellow light.

What water filter do I need for Kenmore refrigerator?

It depends on the model of your Kenmore refrigerator. Our website provides some best seller models of Waterdrop replacements for Kenmore fridge filters like 9101, 9006, 9996, 9908, 9914, 9915, 9002, etc.

Where is Kenmore refrigerator water filter located?

There are two different places where your filter may locates: Inside the fridge near the top of the machine, or on the bottom underneath the doors.

Where to buy a Waterdrop replacement for Kenmore fridge filter?

Our website provides the replacement of fridge filters with low price and good quality for Kenmore, you can chose the filter according to your fridge model. Or you can go to our Amazon direct store.

Can you recycle Kenmore water filters?

You can call the manufacture to make sure if they do offer recycling programs. If they do, follow their instructions. If they do not have the program, ask about the filter’s plastic type.

What do you do with old water filter cartridges?

If you care about the environment, you can reuse it or think about recycling it instead of throwing it in the dustbin.

Do I really need to change my refrigerator filter?

Do not change the fridge filter may cause scaling and deposit buildup in the water which can seriously damage your refrigerator and the health of your drinking water. This buildup could tend to slow down the whole system, causing low flow, and bad taste of the filtered water.

What does Waterdrop replacement for Kenmore water filter remove?

Effectively reduces 97% of chlorine, bad taste and odor, rust, corrosion, sediments, turbidity, etc.

Do all Kenmore refrigerators have water filters?

Most of the refrigerators have a water filter inside it. Generally, you should replace the fridge filter for every 6 months. Our website provides the replacement for Kenmore fridge filters, you can buy according to your refrigerator model.

Why does my water taste bad after changing filters?

First, if you replace a new filter without flushing it, the carbon fines and manufacturing debris in the tube may affect the taste of water, just flush it with about two to five gallons of water. Besides, you can check if your filter is installed correctly.

Do refrigerator water lines need to be cleaned?

For the health of your drinking water, it is recommended to clean your water lines every six to twelve months, or it may cause a buildup of bacteria and calcium, which can slow down the flow of water and make it less cooling.

How long does it take to make ice after replacing filter?

If the filter was just installed, the icemaker could take 24 hours to get cold enough to produce ice. Remember to discard the first two batches of ice for cleaner water and ice.

Can water filter cause ice maker not to work?

If the filter is clogged, water can't get through to create ice. So in order to ensure the health of drinking water and maintain the normal operation of the machine, it is necessary to replace the filter regularly.
*For detailed information, please refer to the performance data sheet in the instruction manual.
The following claims have not been tested and certified by NSF: compatibility claims.
The above statement is accordance with the NSF General Policy 25. Please note the certification information is only applicable to Waterdrop, not representing other brands on this page.
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