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Waterdrop Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

par Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated December 05, 2021
Shopping for moms can be tricky. But considering how well you know them, picking the right gift for them should not be that difficult. You can never go wrong with a gift she will find special, exciting, and useful.
So, now that you know your mom will love something exceptional, your job is half done. There are fewer options to choose from than before. For example, if she enjoys cooking at home, she would love a useful kitchen gadget. Alternatively, if she is big on health and wellness, a practical and thoughtful gift would be the way to go.
Not sure of what to choose? Waterdrop have picked the best Christmas gift ideas for moms below to guide your decision-making process. Also, if you would like to check Waterdrop Christmas gift cards ideas, kindly click here.

About Waterdrop

When Waterdrop was founded in 2015, the goal was to solve water problems by offering excellent and reliable purification solutions. The brand has grown into one of the best global water purification brands, with millions of American families using one or more of our products.
Our corporate vision remains the continuous improvement of global household drinking water safety, and this is why we constantly roll out advanced purification solutions and best-quality products.
Waterdrop water purification solutions are carefully designed and executed. We adopt the best technology-backed smart purification concepts, combined with in-depth research and development to produce the best outputs. The Waterdrop brand also prioritizes the design and manufacture of core systems and technologies, seamlessly integrating R&D, production, and sales.
We are the go-to water purification brand for millions of families in the world. Our customers are spread across various countries and regions, including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, South America, and North America. The continuous praise and recommendations from our users have continued to fuel our passion for development and excellence.

Waterdrop 3 Best Items to Shop for Christmas

The items we have listed below may become scarce or out-of-stock in the United States, considering the increase in demand associated with the holiday season. Therefore, we recommend that you add them to your carts earlier to ensure you surprise your mom with a fantastic present.

Waterdrop D4 Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Let’s go out of the conventional gift ideas and get your mom something productive and practical while meeting essential household needs—the Waterdrop D4 RO water filter ticks all these boxes. In addition to removing the impurities in your tap water, this filter system keeps your water fresh and healthy. Your mom wants the best for her family, so she will definitely appreciate a Waterdrop tankless RO water filter that keeps everyone away from water contaminants.


At 12.44 inches, this water filter system gets the job done perfectly without taking up much space under your sink. In addition, the tankless design ensures improved integration, removing the need for connectors in its internal water tubing. This also reduces the chances of leakages and secondary contamination.

5-in-1 Composite Filter

This reverse osmosis water filter uses only one filter cartridge. Therefore, the water supply undergoes multiple stages of filtration with different filtration layers designed to filter out various contaminant types.
For instance, a 0.0001-micron high precision DOW reverse osmosis membrane traps the smallest particles, leaving you with crisp, clean, safe drinking water. The advanced technology adopted by Waterdrop in this filter system integrates several filtration materials into a 5-in-1 composite filter. Each material has its unique properties, and when combined, delivers an optimized filtration effect and effective reduction of TDS, chlorine, heavy metals, chloramine, and others.

Intelligent Flushing

This RO system has an automatic flush feature, which kicks in once the system is not in use for an hour. This ensures additional filter purity, extended lifespan, and an overall improved filtration result.

Christmas Limited Deal

When you buy the Waterdrop D4 Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System during the special Christmas shopping season, you get 20% off from the original price. Now is $247.20 only. Limited time sale from December 6 to December 26. Don’t miss out the chance to grab the great deal.

Waterdrop G3 800GPD Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Improved 7-Layer RO Membranes

The Waterdrop G3 800GPD reverse osmosis water filtration system is equipped with highly-efficient 3-stage filters, alongside a water scale inhibitor that ensures water scales do not accumulate in the filter. In addition, the improved seven-layer RO membranes filter off heavy metals, chlorine, and other contaminants in your tap water.

Intelligent and Safe LED UV Sterilizer

Waterdrop has also included an advanced UV LED chip in this RO filter system, capable of sterilizing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in your water. This is a massive improvement to the mercury-vapor lamp, and therefore works without releasing dangerous heavy metals and toxins into the filtered water. In addition, the energy-efficient breathing lamp is active only when water passes and delivers up to 50 years of utmost protection.

Extensive 800 GPD Capacity

The water-saving technology in the Waterdrop G3 800GPD RO system delivers a drain ratio as low as 3:1. This efficient filter system is eco-friendly and will help you minimize your water bill.

Waterdrop G2 Remineralize Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Superior Filtration Performance

Waterdrop has included an extra PET pleated membrane in the WD-G2 composite filter system at the last stage of the filtration process. So, the system has 2 PP cotton membranes that effectively trap sediments and two premium activated carbon blocks that take care of the odor and taste.
You also get a 0.0001-micron high-precision reverse osmosis membrane, sitting right at the middle of the filter and traps the smallest contaminants in the water. A PET pleated membrane is present as an extra precautionary measure to get rid of every particle that mistakenly passes the carbon filter. The unique characteristics of each filter material, when combined, empower this reverse osmosis water filter to effectively reduce chlorine, fluoride, viruses, bacteria in your water. In the end, you get healthy, clean, and great-tasting water.

Highly Beneficial Mineralized Water

RO mineral water offers the following benefits;
  • Stronger bones – The minerals in the water keeps the bone healthy and immune to diseases like reducing post-menopausal bone density.
  • Less bad cholesterol – The magnesium and potassium in mineralized water reduce harmful cholesterol in water.
  • Improved digestion – The sulfate content in mineralized water helps to secrete more amylase from the pancreas to facilitate digestion.
  • Better skin – The mineral content in water can facilitate skin moisturization and delay wrinkle.

Efficient yet Economical

With a fast and stable water flow of 400GPD, you can fill a cup of water within 12 seconds. This reverse osmosis remineralization system has low drain ratio of 1:1, which saves waste water by 300%. This saves you around 8,300 single-used water bottles per year that may worth $12,600 per year compared with popular mineral bottled water in market.

Tankless Design and Easy Installation

The tankless design avoids harmful contaminants breeding in the water tank, and avoids repolluted stemming from the aging of accessories. The G2 reverse osmosis remineralization system is designed to be smaller than the conventional RO, saving 70% of your under-sink space and making it easier for you install. Filter replacement can be completed in just 3 seconds with no tools required.

Christmas Limited Deal

When you buy the G2 Remineralize Reverse Osmosis Water Filter during Christmas holiday, Watedrop offers 15% off from the original price from $319.99 to $271.99 now. Limited time sale from December 6 to December 26. Don’t miss out the chance to grab the great deal.