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What Is an Instant Hot Water Dispenser

par Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated June 24, 2022
Although water is necessary for life, most people don’t take up to the recommended daily intake. Generally, daily water intake for men should be 15 cups and 11 cups for women. Although hydration is essential, some people prefer brewing drinks instead of water.
Because of improved living standards, most people choose to install water purifiers in their homes. Nevertheless, if you want to brew a cup of coffee or tea, filtering the water before heating is ideal – this can be very troublesome. An instant hot water dispenser would help you get out of this trap.

Why It Is Necessary to Drink Hot Water

1. Increases the Temperature of Internal Organs

Hot water increases the temperature of your internal organs, thus speeding up metabolism and burning fat.
You need to drink more hot water, especially when working in an air-conditioned room. Consuming cold drinks, especially those with ice, make your internal organs feel cold. Hence, your body fat protects your internal organs from frostbite.
Consequently, drinking cold water leads to gradual weight gain, challenging to lose.

2. Hot Water Improves Body’s Resistance

Hot water improves your body’s resistance by eliminating toxic substances
Drinking hot water, especially when you have a cold or fever, helps your body dissipate more heat, improving your resistance and speeding recovery. Furthermore, hot water regulates your sense of taste, increasing your appetite.

3. Drinking Ice Water After Exercise Might Hurt Your Health

It is common knowledge that cold water quenches thirst instantly by temporarily stimulating the nerves. Drinking cold water when you are sweating a lot and thirsty simultaneously is not ideal - this only increases thirst, reflex sweating, and water loss, which is harmful to your health.
Heavy sweating also causes life-threatening heat cramps due to the lack of salt in the body. Therefore, it is best to avoid drinking large amounts of cold water or beverages after exercising.

Why Did People Start Drinking Hot Water?

The moats in medieval Europe were cesspools. Falling into a moat was more than drowning; it meant choking to death. Because hygiene was not a familiar concept, people dumped feces and waste in water sources.
With the industrial revolution, the urban population increased, and maritime trade prospered. However, these activities introduced cholera and water-borne diseases to Europe. Because the polluted water source was the Ganges River in India, the cholera epidemics were the most enormous in European history, causing death on a massive scale.
There was no concept of boiling water to drink in America from inception. Because of the polluted water sources, diseases and death were prevalent. Therefore, the journey of improving water quality was essential.
Fortunately, today, there is an emergence of direct drinking water.

Are There Any Risks with Drinking Hot Water?

A pertinent question you may have is if drinking hot water long-term is bad for the body.
Ideally, the water you drink shouldn't be too hot. Because the human body has a temperature of about 37 degrees, drinking water around this temperature is ideal because the body quickly absorbs it.
Overheated water traps the body's heat, causing excessive sweating and adversely affecting human health. on the other hand, cold water consumes human heat. Because drinking overheated water increases the body's heat, you must drink it in moderation. Drinking too much hot water increases the burden on the body, increasing the body's temperature and causing more sweating.
Therefore, it is best to drink warm or slightly cool water.

What Is an Instant Hot Water Dispenser?

The instant hot water dispenser is a water purification system similar to other tankless water purifiers. Because the system has PP cotton, activated carbon, and a RO membrane, it filters water layer by layer, achieving clean water for direct drinking.
The undersink reverse osmosis system usually has a pure water tank inside it. Within seconds of purification, a heating body heats the water. Therefore, the system achieves water purification and instant heating. When plugged in, you can use the purifier and place it in the kitchen, bedroom, or living room.
Apart from its flexible placement, you can choose the right temperature and cup size for every cup of water.

What Are the Benefits of An Instant Hot Water Dispenser?

The instant hot water dispenser has the advantages of both the under sink water filter and a heating water dispenser.

Providing Clean Water

Most people believe they can kill all the bacteria in water by boiling it, making it safe to drink. Contrarily, this is a wrong perspective. Tap water transported through pipelines is prone to secondary pollution with bacteria, rust, sand, heavy metals, and volatile substances. Therefore, boiling such water does not eradicate harmful substances. Furthermore, boiling concentrates some of these toxic substances, and it does not remove water hardness, thus causing a buildup of scale and reduction in oxygen content which affects the body's metabolism. So you cannot completely rely on boiling water to get clean water.

Saving Kitchen Space

Because the land resources in urban areas are tight, there is a lot of pressure on many families due to unattainable housing prices. Consequently, kitchen and bathroom spaces in urban houses are relatively small.
Placing a water purifier on a kitchen's countertop takes up space, affecting other operations. Therefore, installing the water purifier under the sink is better because it doesn't require space.
With the under sink water filter, you get to save installation space since it is compact. In addition, under sink water filter is ideal for families with smaller apartments since it has a mini case that doesn't take up space.

Making Hot Water

Presently, most instant hot water dispensers in the market have an instant hot technology for achieving rapid heating in seconds; therefore, they can meet daily hot water needs.
Furthermore, these hot water dispensers have temperature adjustments for different hot water needs, including tea, coffee, or milk powder.
Additionally, there are several quick temperature gears you can choose from. Some dispensers have four gears, while some have between 6 and 8 gears. On the other hand, advanced hot water dispensers support custom temperature adjustments. Nevertheless, the fourth gear is enough to meet most people's hot water needs.

Introducing Waterdrop Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Waterdrop Instant Hot Water Dispenser
Waterdrop K6 combines a under sink reverse osmosis system and an instant hot water dispenser, which makes it different from the traditional one. The following is more about Waterdrop K6.

Pioneer RO System With Heating Function

The Waterdrop K6 Water Filter system combines water purification with heating to provide safe and healthy filtered water at different temperatures. The 600GPD traditional under sink RO water storage unit has a hot water flow rate of 0.4 gal/min. Getting premium hot drinking water has never been easier.

Premium Hot Filtered Water On Demand

This instant hot water filter system is equipped with the step-less temperature adjustment feature. As a result, you can choose any temperature within the range to meet all your domestic needs, including making instant coffee, tea, and oatmeal, boiling rice, or cooking soup.

5-Stage Intensive Filtration

The Waterdrop K6 RO instant hot water filter system sports a 5-in-1 filter with an inbuilt RO membrane, PP cotton, carbon block, and other premium filtration materials. As a result, it effectively reduces most impurities, including nitrates, heavy metals, chloride, salt, arsenic, fluoride, chromium, TDS, and others, in your drinking water. The layer-by-layer fine filtration process ensures intensive filtration that purifies every drop of water.
Waterdrop Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Advanced Smart Display Faucet

You can keep track of the filter condition and TDS level of the water in real-time with the inbuilt touch digital display faucet. The setup also allows you to adjust the temperature, giving you an overall enjoyable and convenient user experience.

Best-in-Class Safety Measures

This RO instant hot water dispenser system is programmed to keep track of the water purification process on its own. In addition, you can activate the Child Lock and Water Dispensing Temperature indication features. These ensure additional safety and prevent scaling. There is also an inbuilt flowmeter, NTC, and a heating overtime protection system that ensures the water in the system doesn’t dry burn.
Waterdrop Instant Hot Water Dispenser


Water is a source of life that is not replaceable by any other beverage. People are paying more attention to their health, especially with continued improvements in living standards. You can prevent chronic diseases like kidney stones and gout by having clean water at your disposal and cultivating healthy drinking habits.
Therefore, installing a water purifier in your home can help you start a healthy life.