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Key Feature

  • [Smart choice of 2,000,000 families] Waterdrop G3 RO system has been a star product among Waterdrop products, which has become a first choice of 2,000,000 families and widely praised by users and social media by means of its smart and outstanding design.
  • [Trusted Certification] Waterdrop reverse osmosis system is certified against NSF 58 for TDS reduction and NSF 372 certified for lead-free material. The TDS removal rate of the RO system is certified to be up to 91.9%, and the hexavalent chromium reduction rate is certified to be up to 96.9%.
  • [Outstanding filtration performance] Tested by a third-party laboratory, through 7-stage filtration, the tankless reverse osmosis system can effectively reduce TDS, chromium, pfas, fluoride, arsenic salt, iron, radium nitrate, calcium, particles, chloride, chlorine and heavy metals like hexavalent chromium in your tap water to improve your water taste. You can get pure water like never before! The activated carbon block is made from natural coconut shells. Please confirm whether you are allergic to it.
  • [400 GPD&1:1 pure to drain ratio] The RO system offers faster water flow (400 gallons per day) and can filter a cup of water in about 12 seconds. Compared to traditional RO systems, the Waterdrop RO System has a low drain ratio of 1:1 and saves water waste by 300%. Save more money on your water bills!
  • [Fashionable tankless design] The RO system has a stylish look and is very attractive. Moreover, it is the first smart RO system with tankless design in the U. S. market. This tankless reverse osmosis water filtration system frees up 70% of your under-sink space and helps to avoid secondary contamination. The tankless reverse osmosis system can consistently produce water and ensures purity in every drop. You can get purified water anytime without waiting.

G3 Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System - Waterdrop G3

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G3 Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System - Waterdrop G3

Waterdrop G3
 NSF 58 & 372
System cover: BPA-free plastic
Faucet: metal + LED indicator light
RO filter: reverse osmosis membrane
CB filter: carbon block
CF filter: PP cotton & carbon block
Power cord length
90 inches
Product dimensions
18.11 x 5.67 x 17.73 inches
Item weight
15.44 pounds
Brushed nickel faucet/Chrome faucet
Included components
 System cover, brushed nickel faucet/chrome faucet, RO filter, CF filter, CB filter, PE pipes *3 ( 60" ), T-fitting, drain saddle, lock clips, power adapter (Main power cable 90", faucet's power cable 59") 
Flow rate
0.28 gallon per minute (GPM), 400 gallons per day (GPD) 
Indoor or outdoor use
Indoor use only
Wall plug
Usage conditions
Ice machines, Faucets, Aquariums, RVs
An electrical outlet is required to operate the RO system.
Reduction substances
TDS, chlorine, taste and odor, chloramine, scale, turbidity
Carcinogens: chromium (hexavalent), chromium (trivalent), cadmium and cadmium compounds, ferric oxide
Heavy metals: lead, mercury, barium, copper, radium 226/228, aluminum
Microorganic contaminant: cyst
Inorganic pollutants: arsenic and inorganic arsenic compounds, fluoride
Organic pollutants: asbestos, benzene, formaldehyde, nitrite bisphenol A, trichloromethane, chlordane, PFOA & PFOS, and more

Why choose a reverse osmosis water filter system for home?

Waterdrop G3 Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System, one of the latest home water filter system launched last year, is an ungraded water filter system dedicated to meet your urgent need for the highest contamination reduction rate with a fast water flow. RO, the abbreviation of reverse osmosis, is a “superstar” technology employed in water purification system, where partially permeable membrane is used. And we are striving for excellence to deliver the right water purifier for you. We have a series of drinking water filtration system, and Waterdrop G3 RO system is a tankless under sink RO system. Let me tell you why choosing Waterdrop reverse osmosis drinking water filter system is one of the best decisions you will make!
For decades, we drink water directly from the faucet with no awareness of the fact that some substances in taping water are harmful to our health. Lead, for a start, is a toxic metal that comes from the pipe lines in almost every American household. Drinking lead-tainted water can lead to many problems. Once absorbed, lead will be stored in our bones as a continual internal exposure, waiting to be released as our bones demineralize. This may result in people getting possible health risks like high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases. Children under age 3 is extremely vulnerable to it. Luckily, our RO water purifier is NSF 372 certified for lead-free material, effectively cutting off lead exposure from root. The system also got NSF 58 claim to reduce 91.9% of TDS, another main impurity we aim to conquer. TDS, standing for total dissolved solid, effects taste and odor of water if its level is exceedingly high. Removing TDS can give you a pure water free from unpleasant taste and odor. Waterdrop G3 Reverse Osmosis desalination is above 90%. This is the reverse osmosis system you can ever have!
Besides all the certifications,  Waterdrop reverse osmosis filtration system uses composite RO water filter. This original move brings about excellent performance in filtration. Its seven-stage filtration of the home reverse osmosis water filtration system is achieved by combining multiple under sink water filter materials into one reverse osmosis water filter.

How does a reverse osmosis water filter system work

Water first goes through a pre-sediment PP membrane and a carbon block filter. The high-precision activated carbon block is made from natural coconut shell, the pore of the activated carbon block in which is much higher than that in other forms. This will reduce sands, rusts, chlorine, etc. After running through another sediment membrane for additional impurities rejection, water will face a multi-stage composite filter design with reverse osmosis system—reverse osmosis membrane, to reduce 91.9% of TDS and heavy metals like arsenic and mercury. The efficiency equals more than three stages of filtration. Using RO membrane will give you an extra benefit—you don’t have to replace filters that frequently! The reverse osmosis filter can bring you so much convenience! With the last step of filtration through a secondary activated carbon block finished—mission accomplished! Any particles larger than 0.0001 μm will be filtered out.  it reduces most of contaminants and includes TDS reduction. There, a cup of water that is pure, healthy, absent of taste, odor and color is right in front of you.
This is what we give you—the reverse osmosis water. Get you a water filtration system for home because this is the home water filter using the RO filter!
Waterdrop G3 RO water filtration system is an all-in-one, intelligent water purification system with many innovative designs. Our under sink reverse osmosis is designed to be a tankless RO system, leaving out the gigantic and ugly reverse osmosis water tanks used often in conventional water treatment systems. And this smaller and more compact reverse osmosis system can be easily put under the sink while saving more storage than its conventional counterparts, and this new water filter reverse osmosis also helps you avoid secondary pollution. This is the water filter systems for home! The tankless reverse osmosis water filter system review is high on the home water filtration system list. Another innovative design is the internal pump, which is used for raising water pressure, and with the application of composite filter elements, the water flow of the under-sink water filter can reach to 400 GPD (gallons per day). This literally means you can get a cup of filtered water in just 12 seconds. The traditional RO system, however, filters water more slowly and stores water in the reverse osmosis tank, which may cause secondary contamination and therefore cannot meet the goal of producing purified water. This quick water purification process and tankless design meet the need of your whole family and even small companies for a purer RO water.
Besides this, Waterdrop G3 RO Filtration System is environmentally friendly, as it saves water waste by 300% compared with traditional home water filtration system. The waste water ratio is 1:1. There are complaints about reverse osmosis water system filtering more waste water than filtered water, but with our product, we free you from this worry. And waste water is by no mean a waste. Instead, you can use your innovation to use this water to flop floor, clean yard, or even wash car. Of course, this will also save you money on water bills. It kills two birds with one stone! Another advantage of buying our RO water system is its simple installation. It’s normal to look at countless components, having no clues about how to put them together to become one machine, let alone an enormous pure water filter such as this. But please don’t worry about that. Our filtered water dispenser is designed to be easy-to-install. Within just a few minutes, an under-sink water filtration system can be installed and put to use. But make sure that once the installation is finished, the first step is to turn on the faucet and flush the system for about half an hour. The light on the faucet will flash blue during this period time. Wait till it stops, and then you can start to use the system and enjoy the excellent water filtration. Water filter replacement is another advantage. Reverse osmosis filter replacement is also quite simple, as it can be changed with one single turn.
All in all, Waterdrop promises to give you the right home water filter system possible, so that you and your family members can enjoy the great-tasting, pure, and healthy water. We regard having healthy drinking water as one of the most important human rights, and customers need is paramount, and we value your reverse osmosis system reviews as these are what makes us see where our problems lie and ways to help us progress! We are here to deliver the right water filtration system!

What is the difference between Waterdrop and traditional RO systems?

Waterdrop RO system Traditional RO system
Tankless design
Flow rate 400GPD 50GPD
Smart leakage protector
3s filter change time
Drain ratio 1 : 1 1 : 3
Real-time Water Quality Display

What is reverse osmosis water systems?

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification process that uses a partially permeable membrane to filter out impurities from drinking water. In reverse osmosis, an applied pressure is used to overcome osmotic pressure, a colligative property that is driven by chemical potential differences of the solvent, a thermodynamic parameter. The result is that the solute is retained on the pressurized side of the membrane and the pure water is allowed to pass to the other side. To be "selective", this membrane should not allow large molecules or ions through the pores, but should allow filtered clean water to pass freely.

How does a reverse osmosis system work?

A reverse osmosis system reduces sediment and chlorine from water with a prefilter before it forces water through a semipermeable membrane to reduce dissolved solids. After water exits the RO membrane, it passes through a postfilter to filter the drinking water before it enters a faucet.

Does the reverse osmosis water filtration system produce wastewater?

All RO systems will produce concentrated water to discharge impurities. Compared to traditional RO water purifiers, Waterdrop RO system produces less concentrated water and saves 300% more water. You can collect concentrated water to mop the floor, wash your car, do laundry, etc.

What contaminants can Waterdrop reverse osmosis water filter system remove?

Waterdrop reverse osmosis water filter system adopts advanced composite filter technology. Uses the characteristics of various filter materials skillfully and combines them to achieve better filtration. The composite filter can intercept most harmful contaminant.
• TDS, chlorine, taste and odor, chloramine, scale, turbidity.
• Carcinogens: chromium (hexavalent), chromium (trivalent), cadmium and cadmium compounds, ferric oxide.
• Heavy metals: lead, mercury, barium, copper, radium 226/228, aluminum.
• Microorganic contaminants: cysts.
• Inorganic pollutants: arsenic and inorganic arsenic compounds, fluoride.
• Organic pollutants: asbestos, benzene, formaldehyde, trichloromethane, chlordane, PFOA & PFOS, etc.

Does Waterdrop reverse osmosis water filter system need power?

The RO system has a pump that will need power to maintain a fast water flow rate.

How to install reverse osmosis system?

Waterdrop RO systems are designed for DIY installation. You can install the system in 30 minutes. Simply refer to the instruction manual and instructional videos, or contact us by email, phone, or live chat.
This video explains how to install Waterdrop RO system.

How often do I need to change the RO filter?

G3: The CF filter has a 6-month lifetime; the CB filter has a 1-year lifetime; the RO filter has a 2-year lifetime. Waterdrop G3 Reverse Osmosis System has a smart faucet and filter life indicators that will remind you to replace the filter.

Does the reverse osmosis system make a loud sound?

The sound will not exceed 65 dB, which is a comfortable level for everyday life (65 dB is tested under standard laboratory conditions, where the feed water pressure is between 14.5 psi and 87 psi). A loud sound may be caused by the following:
a. The system is not positioned in a flat area. Make sure the system is placed smoothly without shaking.
b. The system is placed against the cabinet. Do not place the system against the cabinet. The system may vibrate when it works.
c. The water pressure is unstable. Check and confirm the water pressure is between 14.5 psi and 87 psi. The sound will decrease when the water pressure becomes stable.

When you change filters, do you need to turn the water off?

The water source and power supply are not required to be cut off when the filters need to be replaced. The replacements can be directly screwed and reinstalled. RO system can be normally used after resetting and the flushing process are finished.

Does the RO system remove coliform and other parasites?

Our RO system uses reverse osmosis filtration technology with a filtration accuracy of 0.0001um, and the system can effectively reduce most contaminants, including coliform and other parasites.

Does this system eliminate or remove Atrazine?

As a benefit of the RO membrane (filtration accuracy: 0.0001μm), this system is able to reduce the atrazine from the source water. In addition, the composite filters of G3 can also reduce chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals and provide you with fresh and tasty water.

Does this RO water system remove arsenic?

As a benefit of the RO membrane (filtration accuracy: 0.0001μm), this product is able to reduce the arsenic efficiently from the source water. The membrane has microscopic pores that are specially sized to allow water molecules through, while trapping larger inorganic molecules like lead, iron, chromium and arsenic.

Is this reverse osmosis water filter system unit suitable for well water?

We do not recommend using well water as source for our RO systems.
The reasons are as follows:
1. Large particles.
Compared to municipal tap water, the well water is rich of large particles, which will clog the filters easily, and shorten their lifetime significantly.Please note that the filters will still need to be replaced more frequently, even if you have added a pre-filtration system.
2. Composition
The well water has very complicated compostion, and some of them (apart from the large particles) can cause the filter or internal valve to be clogged and prevent the RO system from normal performance.
3. Water pressure
The well water may not provide the feed water pressure that the RO system requires (14.5 psi min.). Furthermore, the water pressure will be even lower after passing through pre-filtration systems.

Do you need to have an electrical outlet under your sink for this work?

As a standard appliance, this product will need to be plugged into one electrical outlet to function normally.

Does this RO system need a drain piping nearby for discharge?

Yes, this model does need a drainpipe nearby, for discharging the waste water. For that, we provide an adjustable drain saddle to connect the RO's waste water tubing to your drainpipe.

What is the amount of space required between the RO unit and the cabinet?

In order to avoid the vibration which can affect the use experience, please ensure that there is an about 1-inch gap between the RO system and the cabinet. The size of the RO Filtration system is 18.11 "* 5.67" * 17.72 ", without a storage tank. It's very thin and takes up very little space.

Is the water line hose 1/4" or 3/8"?

Inlet tubing: 3/8", Outlet tubing (connect with RO faucet): 1/4", Feed water adapter: compatible with 3/8" and 1/2" water line.

Can I buy the accessory kit so that I can hook up my fridge all at once?

Yes, the instruction manual explains how to connect the Waterdrop to your fridge using parts purchased from a hardware store. The output from the Waterdrop to the faucet is 1/4” tubing. If your fridge has a 1/4” input, all you need is a 1/4” quick-connect T-adapter and the tubing that you’ll run to your refrigerator - you can find these online or at your local hardware store. If your refrigerator is like mine, the input is 3/8”, so I had to add an additional 1/4” to 3/8” adapter to the line leading from the T-adapter to the fridge. It doesn’t affect the performance of the Waterdrop at all.

Is this reverse osmosis water system BPA free?

Please note that our RO system is BPA free.

Does this reduce or remove the salt in the water from my water softener?

Although with filtration accuracy of 0.0001 μm, this model can reduce Calcium ion 90% of the salt from the water, the remaining salt added by the water softener may still affect the water taste. Therefore, we don't recommend placing the RO system after a salt-based water softener, since the taste will be affected.

What is the minimum water pressure to operate this unit?

The rated water inlet pressure of the machine is 14.5-87psi. It can work properly within this range.

What size hole would I need to drill to install the faucet in my sink?

It's recommended to drill a hole of 1". If there's a reserved hole for the soap dispenser on your countertop, you could use that to install the RO faucet directly. In addition, we have included a sticker in the package, which could be used as a reference while drilling the hole.

How often do you need to replace the reverse osmosis filters?

The life of the filter element of our machine depends on the two indexes of service time and pure water after filtration. As long as one of them reaches the upper limit, it needs to be replaced. The first stage front compound filter element is recommended to last for 6 months or to filter 550 gallons of pure water. The second stage RO element is recommended to last 24 months or to filter 2200 gallons of pure water. The third stage rear carbon rod filter is recommended to last 12 months or to filter 1,100 gallons of pure water. Due to the different water quality and water consumption of each house, the actual replacement time of the filter element is not consistent. The actual use situation shall prevail. When the filter element needs to be replaced, the prompt light on the machine and the lamp ring of the faucet will prompt through the color change. You can replace it according to the prompt, which is very convenient.

Is the pump noisy?

I wouldn't call it noisy at all, but you can hear it working. It is a low, vibrating sound.

How often do you have to change the membrane?

The RO membrane filter needs to be changed every 24 months or 2200 gallons.

Can the system be connected to the refrigerator so the ice is filter as well?

Generally speaking, the RO system can be connected to your refrigerator. After completing the registration online, you could choose the accessory kit, which will help you connect the RO to your refrigerator/ice maker. Since different refrigerator/ice maker has various requirement of water pressure, it's not possible for our RO system to provide them all. Connection under mismatched circumstance may result in many problems, including but not limited to: slow ice making, frequent start-stop issue, etc. Therefore, it's NOT recommended to connect the RO system to your refrigerator/ice maker.

Does this reverse osmosis water system prevent bacteria from growing in the filter?

Please rest assured that the RO membrane (filtration accuracy 0.0001 μm) can effectively reduce bacteria and virus whose diameter are greater than 0.0001 μm from the source water.

What is the waste water to filtered water ratio?

The waste to filtered water ratio is 1:1, which is much higher than the traditional RO systems.

Can I use our own faucet?

Truly sorry, the brushed nickel faucet is the only option available now.
You could use your own RO faucet with our product, but not normal faucet for tap water.
There are a few things you may need to know before purchasing one:
Firstly, our faucet is equipped with a filter life indicator, which allows you to monitor the filters' life easily. If you decide not to use our original faucet, this function will not be in effect.
Secondly, your RO faucet should be able to connect with the outlet tubing of the system, which has a diameter of 1/4".
In addition, it should have a "Quick-Connect Fitting", please click here.
OR, it should come with a set of accessory parts, which allows you to connect the faucet with the bare end of our outlet tubing. Please click here to see the example for your reference.
If the faucet does not meet one of these requirements, you will need to acquire a corresponding adapter, in order to complete the connection with the machine.

What does Pure to Drain Rate mean?

The reverse osmosis water filter relies on a semi-permeable membrane to filter out impurities from drinking water. When the tap water is compressed through the RO membrane, it produced pure water and waste water. The ratio of pure water to waste water is called wastewater ratio. 1:1 wastewater ratio means 1 gallon water is wasted per 1 gallon purified, and 2:1 wastewater ratio means 1 gallon water is wasted per 2 gallon purified. The higher the wastewater ratio is, the less waster water produced during the filtration process. During the use of RO water filter, the actual ratio might be lower than the labeled, depending on many factors such as water quality, pH, pressure and temperature.
Certified Reverse Osmosis System
Smart G3 Reverse Osmosis System
NSF 58 & 372 certified
  • Waterdrop reverse osmosis water filter system is tested and certified against NSF/ANSI standard 58, the TDS reduction rate is up to 91.9%.
  • Tested and certified against NSF/ANSI standard 372, Waterdrop RO system employs lead-free materials, giving you a safe product.
  • G3 RO system passed 400+ chemical lab tests, which proves that this system does not contain most chemical substances.
System is tested and certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 58 for the reduction of TDS, and against NSF/ANSI 372 (≤0.25% lead).
NSF certified
Composite filter technology
7-stage deep filtration
  • Reduces chlorine, taste and odor, chloramine, scale, turbidity, cysts, and many heavy metals, such as hexavalent chromium.
  • Improves the taste of water. Carbon block is made from supreme coconut shell, ensuring that you enjoy ultra-fresh, healthy, great-tasting drinking water.
CF Filter
  • PP cotton + carbon block (0.8μm pore size) + PP cotton
RO Filter
  • Huge 3-layer DOW® RO membrane (0.0001μm pore size)
CB Filter
  • Post-activated carbon block (0.5μm pore size)
CF Filter and MRO Filter
Reverse osmosis membrane
Huge DOW® RO membrane
  • DOW® RO membrane is better at removing contaminants due to its longer life and higher quality.
400GPD fast water flow
  • Get 1 cup of water in 12s.
  • Water flows faster than in ordinary RO systems.
  • No more waiting for crisp water. Immediate filtration, water is always fresh!
No waiting for pure water
Smart Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System
Smart designer faucet
  • Displays water quality in real time, understands every drop of water.
Smart TDS monitoring panel
  • Water quality is clear at a glance.
Tankless design
  • Prevents bacteria from forming, thereby ensuring the freshness of your water
  • Saves 50% in under-sink space, leaving your kitchen clean and organized
Tankless reverse osmosis system
Kind notice
Kind notice:
  • Please refer to this diagram and be informed that you need to drill a hole on your countertop to place the smart faucet (No need for this step if your countertop already has a hole). Besides, an adapter will be installed on your household water tubing to connect to RO system’s wastewater tubing and input water tubing.
  • Electricity is required to run the RO system.
  • We do not recommend using well water as source for our RO systems. We do not recommend connecting tankless RO to a refrigerator or ice maker.
  • It's highly recommended to install our RO system with components provided by Waterdrop. Installing the system with any parts or accessories that are not provided by Waterdrop may cause the system to malfunction or shorten the lifetime of the system/filters.
Filter replacement
Easy to install & replace
  • Waterdrop G3 RO system can be installed in 30 minutes, and the filter can be changed in just 3 seconds.
  • There’s no need to move the system, nor is there a need for tools.
1:1 Low drain ratio
  • Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System saves water waste by 300% compared to conventional RO systems.
1:1 Low drain ratio
Automatic flushing Clean enough
Automatic Flushing
  • To maintain and extend the life expectancy of the filters, the system will be automatically flushed for 20 seconds after working for two hours. 
  • When power is restored after a blackout, the system will be forced to flush automatically for 20 seconds.
  • The system will ensure fresh water by flushing automatically every time you shut off the tap for 5 minutes.
Holiday Mode
  • To ensure fresh and healthy filtered drinking water, the G3 Reverse Osmosis System is automatically flushed when no water is dispensed for 12 hours.
Overworked reminder
  • When the system continuously produces water for 30 minutes, the buzzer will beep for 3 minutes. The system will stop producing water, and the filtering indicator and power indicator will turn off.
Starting and stopping frequently reminder
  • When the booster pump is frequently started and stopped for 20 minutes, the buzzer will beep 5 times. The system will stop producing water, while the filtering indicator and power indicator will turn off.
Water stops automatically
Composite filter technology
A sip of nature doesn’t cost much
  • The remineralization filter can connect to all types of under sink water filter systems. By adding one filter, you can enjoy remineralized water with a refreshing taste. Please click here to purchase this add-on filter.
Protects each baby's health
  • Newborns are very delicate. Compared to tap water, RO water is purer, cleaner and more suitable for babies. Milk powder made by RO water is easier to be absorbed.
RO system protects each baby's health




Filtration Media PP Cotton and Cotton Block Reverse Osmosis Membrane Activated Carbon Block
Filter Lifespan 6 months or 550 gallons 24 months or 2,200 gallons 12 months or 1,100 gallons
Size (Diameter * Height) 3.3"*12.1" 4.3"*15" 2.6"*12.1"
Compatible Model WD-G3-W WD-G3-W WD-G3-W
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Excellent water filter

Excellent water quality and very reliable

Like the taste of water

Not cheap to install: I had to hire a friend electrician to install a new power outlet($$)under the sink and drill a hole ($)on the sink top. I did the rest of the work, which was quite simple. I am happy that my wife is quite happy with this filter.

No tank is a big +

Perfect As expected !

WaterdropCanada Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System Review
Julie S.
Needed extra tubing as I put unit in basement just below sink cabinet.

No need to have frequent drainage. Troubling shooting system looks like it will be valuable. Warning system on outlet spout gives me reassurance. Easy to install filters. Expensive but looks like it is worth it.

Tastes Great

Need power under the sink and if you have a quartz/granite countertop you will need a special drill or hire out for the hole in the countertop.

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