Waterdrop G2P600 RO System

  • Model: WD-G2 P600-W

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Waterdrop G2P600 RO System

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Waterdrop G2P600 RO System

Model number
Item weight
20.94 pounds
 1. System cover: BPA-free plastic
2. Faucet: metal
3. MRO filter: reverse osmosis membrane & sediment PP membrane & activated carbon block & PET pleated membrane
4. CF filter: sediment PP membrane & activated carbon block
Power cord length
59 inches
Product dimensions
17.3×5.9×13.9 inches
Feed water pressure
14.5-87 psi / 0.1-0.6 Mpa
Indoor or outdoor use
Indoor use only
Components Included 
System cover,brushed nickel faucet, feed water adapter, MRO filter, CF filter, PE tubing*3 ( 60" ), drain saddle, lock clip, teflon tape,  main power cable ( 59" )
Wall plug
Usage conditions
Ice machines, Faucets, Aquariums, RVs, Well water
*If you use well water as the source, please ensure that the feed water is pre-filtered.
An electrical outlet is required to operate the RO system.
Waterdrop G2P600 Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System for home is an all-in-one, intelligent water purification system with many innovative designs. Our under sink water filter system is designed to be tankless, leaving out the gigantic and ugly water tanks used often in conventional water purifiers. And this compact reverse osmosis system can be easily put under the sink and saves more storage space, while avoiding secondary pollution. This is the water filter systems for home! Another innovative design is the internal pump, which is used for raising water pressure. The water flow rate of the under-sink water filter can reach 600 GPD (gallons per day). This means you can get a cup of filtered water in just 8 seconds. The traditional RO system, however, filters water more slowly and stores water in the tank, which may cause recontamination and, therefore, cannot meet the goal of producing purified water. This quick water purification process meets the need of your whole family and even small companies for purer RO water.
Besides, the G2P600 RO system is environmentally friendly, as it saves water by 600% compared to the traditional home water filtration systems. The drain ratio is 2:1, which means dispensing 2 cups of pure water will produce only 1 cup of waste water. There are complaints about reverse osmosis water system filtering more waste water than filtered water, but with our product, we free you from this worry. And waste water is by no means a waste. Instead, you can use your innovation to use this water to flop floor, clean yard, or even wash the car. Of course, this will also save you money on water bills. Another advantage of buying our RO water system is its simple installation. Within 30 minutes, the under-sink water filtration system can be installed and put to use. Filter replacement is also quite simple, as it can be changed with one single twist.
All in all, Waterdrop promises to give you the right home water filtration system possible so that you and your family members can enjoy the great-tasting, pure, and healthy water. We regard drinking healthy water as one of the most important human rights, and value customer needs and reviews! We are here to deliver the right water filtration system!

What is reverse osmosis water filtration system for home?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a water treatment process that reduces contaminants from water by using pressure to force water molecules through a semipermeable membrane. During this process, the contaminants are basically filtered out and flushed away, leaving clean, delicious drinking water.

How does a reverse osmosis water purifier work?

Reverse Osmosis water purification process is a simple water filtration process. It is accomplished by water pressure pushing water through a semipermeable membrane to remove impurities from water. This is a process in which dissolved inorganic solids are removed from a water.

What does reverse osmosis water filtration system remove?

A reverse osmosis water filtration system is known to eliminate 99% of contaminants found in water. These include: • Chlorine and fluorine • Lead, arsenic, chromium, radium, barium, cadmium • Salts – Nitrates, sulphates, and others • Sediments, dirt, and rust • Heavy metals • Parasites • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) • Herbicides and pesticides • Total dissolved solids(TDS)

Is this reverse osmosis water filter system unit suitable for well water?

We do not recommend using well water as source for our RO systems.
The reasons are as follows:
1. Large particles.
Compared to municipal tap water, the well water is rich of large particles, which will clog the filters easily, and shorten their lifetime significantly.Please note that the filters will still need to be replaced more frequently, even if you have added a pre-filtration system.
2. Composition
The well water has very complicated compostion, and some of them (apart from the large particles) can cause the filter or internal valve to be clogged and prevent the RO system from normal performance.
3. Water pressure
The well water may not provide the feed water pressure that the RO system requires (14.5 psi min.). Furthermore, the water pressure will be even lower after passing through pre-filtration systems.

Where to buy reverse osmosis water filter?

You can buy waterdrop reverse osmosis water filter from our website or on Amazon.

How much water does reverse osmosis waste?

Dispensing 2 cups of pure water will produce only 1 cup of waste water. Compared to traditional RO water purifiers with a water tank, the G2 P600 reverse osmosis system saves 600% more water.

How much does a reverse osmosis system cost?

Because Waterdrop employs advanced materials and invests in the improvement of product quality. Moreover, our researchers invest time, employ advanced technology, and carry out various professional tests to develop products. Our reverse osmosis membrane has an accuracy of 0.0001 μm and can reduce most invisible hazardous substances in tap water. Waterdrop continuously improves product quality to meet all consumer needs.

How often do I need to change the RO filter?

CF filter: 12 months or 1,100 gallons, whichever comes first. This may vary depending on filtered water consumption. MRO filter: 24 months or 3,300 gallons, whichever comes first. This may vary depending on filtered water consumption.

How to install Waterdrop reverse osmosis system?

Along with a well-organized instruction manual, you can find a step-by-step installation video on the Waterdrop YouTube channel.

What is the lifetime of a reverse osmosis water filter?

CF filter: 12 months or 1,100 gallons, whichever comes first. This may vary depending on filtered water consumption. MRO filter: 24 months or 3,300 gallons, whichever comes first. This may vary depending on filtered water consumption.

How long is the power cord of the RO water purifier?

The length of the power cord is about 59".

How many stages of filtration does this system perform?

The G2P600 has two composite filters with 5-stage filtration. -The CF filter employs a sediment PP membrane and an activated carbon block to remove rust, sediment, and organic matter. -The MRO filter uses a RO membrane with 0.0001μm filtration accuracy, a sediment PP membrane, an activated carbon block, and a PET pleated membrane to intercept TDS, atrazine, salt, nitrates, PFAS, fluoride, and heavy metals, etc.

Does this RO filter come with everything needed for install?

The necessary parts and accessories are already included, but you may need the following additional tools to complete the installation: -Variable speed drill -Drill bit: 1/4” (for drainpipe), 1⅜” (for faucet hole) -Adjustable wrench, pliers -Screwdriver -Utility knife or scissors -Flashlight -Towel

Do you have to use the faucet that comes with this system?

No, you could use your own RO faucet with our product, but not normal faucet for tap water.

Will work with instant hot/cold water device?

Yes, you could connect another device to the RO system, as long as it meets the requirements below: 1. It can work with the outlet water pressure of the RO, which is 30-40 psi. Otherwise, various issues could occur, such as frequent start-stop of the RO system. 2. It can be connected with the RO's outlet PE tubing, which has a diameter of 1/4".

How loud is the pump of the reverse osmosis water filtration system?

The pump's noise level while dispensing water is less than 60dB.

Can I use our own faucet?

Truly sorry, the brushed nickel faucet is the only option available now.
You could use your own RO faucet with our product, but not normal faucet for tap water.
There are a few things you may need to know before purchasing one:
Firstly, our faucet is equipped with a filter life indicator, which allows you to monitor the filters' life easily. If you decide not to use our original faucet, this function will not be in effect.
Secondly, your RO faucet should be able to connect with the outlet tubing of the system, which has a diameter of 1/4".
In addition, it should have a "Quick-Connect Fitting", please click here.
OR, it should come with a set of accessory parts, which allows you to connect the faucet with the bare end of our outlet tubing. Please click here to see the example for your reference.
If the faucet does not meet one of these requirements, you will need to acquire a corresponding adapter, in order to complete the connection with the machine.
water filter for fresh life
water filter for fresh life

Premium filtration performance

  • First sediment PP membrane: Reduces rust, sediment, suspended solids, and other large particles.
  • Premium activated carbon block: Reduces chlorine, organic matter, taste and odor, etc. Second sediment PP membrane: Reduces rust, sediment, suspended solids, and other large particles.
  • 0.0001-micron high-precision reverse osmosis membrane: Reduces TDS, lead, salt, atrazine, fluoride, nitrates, PFAS, bacteria, etc.
  • Post activated carbon block: Reduces taste and odor and improves the taste of water.
  • PET pleated membrane: Further filters out large particles.
Removes 1,000+ water contaminants
water filter cartridge


  • Sediment PP membrane + Activated carbon block
  • Reduces sediment, rust, suspended solids, chlorine, taste and odor.


  • Reverse osmosis membrane + Sediment PP membrane + Activated carbon block + PET pleated membrane
  • Reduces TDS, lead, salt, atrazine, fluoride, nitrates, PFAS, bacteria, etc., further filters out large particles and improves the taste of water.

Fine pore diameter

  • The RO membrane has a pore diameter of 0.0001 μm, which does not allow large molecules or ions to pass through. Therefore, it can reduces most of contaminants in water.
filtration accurary
600 GPD fast water flow

600 GPD fast water flow

  • This G2P600 RO system has a water flow rate of 0.42 gal/min, which is 12x more efficient than traditional reverse osmosis systems.

2:1 low drain ratio

  • Dispensing 2 cups of pure water will produce only 1 cup of waste water.
  • Compared to traditional RO water purifiers with a water tank, the G2P600 reverse osmosis system saves 600% more water.
2:1 low drain ratio
Kind notice

Kind notice:

  • Please refer to this diagram and be informed that you need to drill a hole on your countertop to place the smart faucet (No need for this step if your countertop already has a hole).
  • Besides, an adapter will be installed on your household water tubing to connect to RO system’s wastewater tubing and input water tubing.
  • Electricity is required to run the RO system.
  • If you are using well water, we recommend applying a pre-filter (5-10 μm).Placing this RO after a salt-based water softener may affect the taste (reduce rate 90%)We do not recommend connecting tankless RO to a refrigerator or ice maker.

Upgraded reverse osmosis system

  • With Waterdrop’s improved water purification technology, the G2P600 RO system can meet the water needs of large families and even small businesses.
Upgraded reverse osmosis system
Tankless design

Tankless design

  • This tankless under-sink water filtration system saves 70% of under-sink space and avoids recontamination, providing you with pure and crisp water.

Smart filter life reminder

  • This under counter water filter system has filter life indicators, which will monitor the service life in real-time and notify you to replace the filters in advance.
Smart filter life reminder
Less undersink space

Integrated design

  • Compared to traditional water purifiers, the G2P600 Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System has automatic water shut-off valves and fewer connectors, which reduces the risk of water leakage.
  • This system’s noise does not exceed 55dB, which is a safe noise level for everyday life.

Natural activated carbon block

  • Made from Sri Lankan coconut shells, the activated carbon block efficiently removes taste and odor, thereby improving the taste of water.
Easy filter installation
RO system protects each baby's health
Protects each baby's health
  • Newborns are very delicate. Compared to tap water, RO water is purer, cleaner and more suitable for babies. Milk powder made by RO water is easier to be absorbed.

G3 RO Filtration System

G2 RO Filtration System

G2P600 RO Filtration System

Beneficial Minerals × × ×
Flow Rate 400 GPD 400 GPD 600 GPD
Pure to Drain Rate 1:1 1:1 2:1
Faucet Smart faucet Ordinary faucet Ordinary faucet
Display Filter lifespan & TDS Filter lifespan Filter lifespan
Self-clean × ×
Holiday mode × ×
Electricity Required
Filter Cartridges WD-G3-N1CF




Noise 65db 55db 55db
Filter Lifespan CF-6 Mths
CB-12 Mths
RO-24 Mths
CF-12 Mths
MRO-24 Mths
CF-12 Mths
P6MRO-24 Mths
Dimensions(inch) 18.11*5.67*17.72 17.32*5.91*13.9 17.32*5.91*13.9



Filtration Media Sediment PP membrane and activated carbon block Sediment PP membrane, 0.0001-micron high-precision reverse osmosis membrane, activated carbon block, and PET pleated membrane
Filter life 12 months or 1,100 gallons 24 months or 3,300 gallons
Size (diameter * height) 4.9” * 8.1” 4.9” * 15”
Compatible model WD-G2P600-W/WD-G2-W/WD-G2-B/WD-G2MNR-W WD-G2P600-W
[1] Information is based on Radionuclides in Drinking Water by EPA.
*Some of the reviews are synchronized from Amazon.com/ WaterdropDirect Store
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