Reverse Osmosis Instant Hot Water Dispenser System - Waterdrop K6

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Key Feature

  • [First-to-market RO system with heating function] Waterdrop K6 water filter system integrates water purification and heating, meets various temperature demands and breaks through a conventional under sink RO water purification mode; it has a high capacity of 600 GPD and a high hot water flow rate of 0.4 gal/min, meeting your demands for water purification and hot water.
  • [Hot water on demand] Waterdrop K6 RO instant hot water filter system allows step-less temperature adjustment in the range of 104℉-203℉, which is an ideal choice for cooking soup, making instant coffee, tea and oatmeal or other household tasks.
  • [5-stage deep filtration] The 5-in-1 filter is built with an RO membrane, a carbon block, PP cotton and other filtration substances and can effectively filter out TDS, chromium, pfas, fluoride, arsenic, salt, heavy metals, nitrate, particles, chloride, and other harmful substances through fine filtration layer by layer to achieve deep purification, ensuring every drop is purified water.
  • [High-end smart display faucet] By means of a touch digital display faucet, the TDS level and the filter condition are available at a glance. The product allows temperature adjustment, bringing a smart and convenient life experience.
  • [Outstanding safety performance] K6 RO instant hot water dispenser system can automatically monitor the water purification process and has functions of Child lock and water dispensing temperature indication to avoid scalding risks and ensure safety during use. It is built with a flowmeter, NTC and a heating overtime protection function to prevent dry burning of water.

Reverse Osmosis Instant Hot Water Dispenser System - Waterdrop K6

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Reverse Osmosis Instant Hot Water Dispenser System - Waterdrop K6

Model number
Product dimensions
18 x 17 x 7 inches
Item weight
31.9 pounds
Maximum daily capacity
600 GPD
Feed water pressure
14.5-87 psi/0.1-0.6MPa
Feed water temperature
Hot water temperature
Smart LED faucet
Feed Water Requirement
Municipal tap water
In the box
System*1, Feed water adapter 3/8”-1/2”*1 and Inlet water tubing*60”, Pure water tubing*60”, Hot water tubing*60”, Smart faucet*1, Drain water tubing*60”, Lock clip*6, Drain saddle*1, Teflon tape*1

Is water filtered by K6 healthy?

Yes. The system has 5-stage filtration and is effective against all impurities larger than 0.001 microns, such as heavy metals, harmful chemicals, viruses, bacteria, and more. Therefore, the filtered water is beneficial to health.

Does Waterdrop K6 instant hot Reverse osmosis system waste a lot of water?

No. The pure to drain ratio of this system is 2:1. For every two cups of pure water you get, only 1 cup of wastewater is produced.

How often should I change reverse osmosis instant hot water filters?

The lifespan of the composite filter is 12 months or 1,600 gallons. The color change on the system and faucet can indicate the lifespan status of the filter.

Is it convenient to replace the filter of Waterdrop K6 instant hot Reverse osmosis system?

Yes. The system adapts the twist-and-pull filter design. The filter can be replaced directly without shutting off the water source or power supply.

Is Waterdrop K6 instant hot Reverse osmosis system noisy?

No. The system works very quietly, and you will hardly hear any noise.

Can I immediately get hot water after setting the temperature?

After you set the desired temperature and the light indicating a heating status goes out, you can take the hot water for drinking, and the faucet will display the temperature of dispensed water. It only takes about 15 min to heat water from room temperature to 203℉, and please wait patiently.

How do I start the heating function to get hot water after installing the system?

To guarantee the safety, please manually turn on a heating switch on the system after flushing when the system is used for the first time, then, adjust the temperature by pressing a “△” key and a “▽”key on the faucet or system, and you can get hot water after the light indicating the heating status goes out.

Can I turn off the heating module when heating is not required?

Yes. All that is required is to turn off the heating switch on the system, and turn on it again when the heating function is required.

How many modes of heating temperatures can I set?

The heating temperature can be set as you wish in the range of 104-203 ℉. Press the “△” key to adjust the temperature at an interval of 1 ℉, and hold the “△” key to rapidly adjust the temperature.

Is Waterdrop K6 instant hot Reverse osmosis system safe?

Yes. The K6 product adopts comprehensive safe design and comes with child lock and water dispensing temperature indication. The system is also built with a flowmeter, NTC and a heating overtime protection function to prevent dry burning of water.
5-stage Filtration, Crisper Taste
The K6 RO system adopts a 5-in-1 integrated filter, which can effectively reduce multiple harmful substances.
No Limescale, Long-effect Operation
The system cannot form limescale inside, which reduces users’ trouble of liner cleaning.
Instant Hot Water at Any Temperature
One RO system can meet your demands for hot water at different temperatures without other heating water dispensers.
Note: Please set desired temperature in advance. After the system completes heating, you can get hot water directly without waiting.
* Notice: The system cannot be connected to a refrigerator or an ice maker. The system can be connected with an MNR remineralization filter for use, but the MNR filter can only be connected to a cold water pipe.
High-end Smart Touch Display Faucet
The smart faucet allows you to get the water temperature and TDS level at a glance,bringing smart and convenient life experience.
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Filter Reviews:
Paul C.
Canada Canada

Great system

Wonderful taste of water and great customer service!

Paul T.
Canada Canada

Great water taste and pressure

The product filters water to an awesome quality and taste. The TDS indicator on the machine is accurate. Also the water pressure is great; it pumps water out faster than other product.

Hejia T.
Canada Canada

A nice set of RO system easy to install

I'm impressed with the overall quality of the system. Everything is well designed and manufactured. All parts look like with quality and style. The system delivered is set up to minimize the user's effort to install. The only challenge for me is to drill the hole on the counter for the faucet and another one for the drain line. Once holes are ready, things just went very easy.

Benjamin L.
Canada Canada

Easy to install. Cut TDS by 90%

We have well water with high nitrogen levels due to being surrounded by farms. This cut all contaminates by 90% as advertised and was quick to install. Looks great and fits under the sink

Yunwen Z.
Canada Canada

Water tastes great

Excellent device. Installation was very easy and hardware top notch. Not sure when and how to get the proper filter when time comes. The flow rate could be a bit faster but for an RO unit, I guess it's ok. Water tastes great.

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