LG LT500P Water Filter Replacement by Waterdrop

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Key Feature

  • [International Certification] NSF 42, 372 certified - tested and certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI standard. (For detailed information, please refer to the performance data sheet in the instruction manual.)
  • [High-Efficiency Filtration] Reduces chlorine, bad taste and odor, cysts, rust, corrosion, etc.
  • [Compatibility Guarantee] 100% compatibility guarantee, works exactly like the original filter, without water leakage.
  • [Long Service Life] Provides 6 months or 300 gallons of refreshing water.
  • [Authority Guaranteed Materials] Adopt the coconut activated carbon block that ensures you get the good when you choose our products.
  • Please note this is a compatible spare part and the manufacturers' names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only. Waterdrop is an independent brand.

LG LT500P Water Filter Replacement by Waterdrop

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LG LT500P Water Filter Replacement by Waterdrop

NSF 42, 372
Filter capacity
300 gallons (1137 liters) / 6 months
Flow rate
0.5 gpm (1.9 lpm)
20-100 psi (140-689 kPa)
33-100 °F / 0.6-38 °C

How is Waterdrop LT500P replacement water filter different from the original brand?

1. Filtration performance: Waterdrop LT500P water filter has the same effective filtration performance as the original brand, providing you with safe and healthy drinking water.
2. Filter life: Waterdrop replacement water filter has the same filter life as the original brand.
3. Price: Waterdrop water filter is a cost-effective choice. The price is much lower than that of the original brand.
4. Compatibility: Waterdrop replacement water filter perfectly fits the original-brand refrigerator.
Our team values customer's feelings and provides you with products that are eco-friendly. Please enjoy our innovative design and excellent filtration performance.

How often should the Waterdrop LT500P be replaced?

You will need to change the Waterdrop LT500P every six months or 300 gallons, whichever comes first. It may vary based on your water conditions.

What are the benefits of using a refrigerator water filter?

A refrigerator water filter could reduce lead and chlorine and other impurities in water produce water with great-tasting and great-smelling. It also prevents a decrease in water pressure from the dispenser and protects your refrigerator. Drinking filtered water from your refrigerator can save you over $600 a year as compared to the use of bottled water and help you live a greener life.

How to install the Waterdrop LT500P refrigerator water filter?

Installation is easy. The detailed steps are as follows:
Remove the old LT500P water filter: Press the push button to open the filter cover, grasp the old filter, slowly rotate it 90° counterclockwise, and take it off from the connector and discard.
Install the new filter: Align the new filter with the connector and insert the top of it into the filter holder. Slowly rotate it 90° clockwise until it is firmly seated. Push the filter cover until it clicks into place.
Flush the new filter before use: Flush the water filter extensively for about 1-2 minutes for the first time of use to get rid of the loose black charcoals inside.

Why my Waterdrop replacement for LT500P water filter leaks?

If your LT500P water filter leaks, please assure the installation is accurate, and check the filter head and filter housing is destroyed or broken. You can also contact our customer service for help.

Do I need to flush the refrigerator filter for the first time of use?

There may have loose carbon particles spill out from their blocks in the first time of use of the LT500P water filter. So we suggest you give a thoroughly flush of the replacement refrigerator filter with flowing water before you use it.
NSF certified refrigerator filter
Tested by NSF 42 to reduce 97% of chlorine, sediment, rust, turbidity, bad taste and odor.
Tested by NSF 372 for lead-free material. The safety of the product and drinking water is our concern.
Tested and Certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI 42&372 in model EFF-6005BK for the reduction of chlorine, taste and odor.
Perfect fit & no water leaks
The filter perfectly fits LG.
The full compatibility reduces water leaks to almost none.
Coconut shell carbon block
Harnesses the power from Sri Lankan coconut shell to make our carbon block filter.
The high absorption rate of chlorine, bad taste and odor is one key reason why we excel.
Sells directly from the factory
Selling directly from the factory to you with no resellers pocketing the money.
Cheaper than OEM filters because there’s no brand tax added to the price.
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